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Bold And Beautiful With Baltic Born Clothing

Baltic Born with more than 25 million brands online competing for attention from consumers and money, it’s no surprise that nearly 90% of fashion-related startups fail. But this isn’t the situation in the case of Baltic Born. The company for women’s clothing was created by three sisters who had the same goal of creating elegant, timeless designs that enable women to feel confident and at ease in any stage of their lives.

How did this company of fashion overcome the odds and build an unstoppable fan base of customers?

Baltic Born utilizes our Reviews & Ratings tool as well as Our loyalty & Rewards program. In today’s customer-success story, you’ll discover how they used both tools to explode to the top of the heap.

First, let’s get started with an introduction:

Meet the Sisters Behind Baltic Born

Baltic Born was created by three sisters of Scandinavian roots: Allison, Angela, and Marianne. They decided to create an enterprise that reflected their own culture and heritage, while also reflecting the significance of the majestic Baltic Sea.

Fashion has always was in the blood of their ancestors

In the 1800s the Scandinavian ancestral ancestors created and tailored clothing for their local community, and even an Danish King. Their grandfather taught the youngsters how to take measurements of clothing as well as pick the right fabrics and manage customers in his store for men’s clothes.

Baltic Born celebrates the individuality of every woman

When the sisters launched Baltic Born, they were seeking pieces that made them feel at ease as they traversed the various stages of their lives, with ever-changing bodies without breaking the bank.

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Their mission is to celebrate the bonds of community, sisterhood and their clients

. Allison as well as her spouse were in 10 cities over nine years. Always”the “new one” in the community, Allison learned first-hand just how crucial it is to discover a sense of the community. It is evident that the Baltic Born team echoes this principle, treating their clients as it were their own family. Based with their headquarters in Utah, USA, the Baltic Born team sells their stunning clothing internationally as well as in the United States. And with the help from Stamped’s online tools, they’ve been piling many glowing reviews and satisfied, loyal customers.

How Stamped Helped Baltic Born Grow Their eCommerce Business Over 15,000%

Fashion is very difficult and difficult field to penetrate especially when top global brands make up the much of the market’s revenue. According to studies, the global fashion market is predicted to reach $2.25 trillion in 2025. Fashion eCommerce will grab more than $1.2 trillion from the pie. But, over 70% of all fashion purchases are made online. So , how do you make sure that Baltic Born not only acquire its customers, but also keep them?

The company signed up for Stamped’s complete range of eCommerce tools at the time they started their company in the year 2016. Baltic Born sisters were among the first to sign up. Baltic Born sisters said, “Your platform has been with us since we’ve grown by more than 15,000% in the past year.

Reviews and Ratings as well as Loyalty and Rewards are designed to be a synergistic combination to benefit eCommerce brands. This is why this effective combination is so effective:

Reviews & Ratings Helped Baltic Born Build Trust and Credibility As a New Fashion Brand

Baltic Born Baltic Born ladies get everything right in their range of products. Shoppers can look through 10 high-quality product images for each item to view how the garment appears at every angle. Baltic Born Baltic Born team traded the product descriptions that were adorned with flowers in exchange for bullet points of information and product specifications. They also include measurements to their models so that customers have a clear idea of how their clothes will fit their bodies.

All of these are essentials for online shoppers who cannot physically touch, feel items, or view them in person. The real magic occurs when shoppers read the reviews from customers. We are aware that 89% of consumers worldwide read reviews prior to purchasing items. In addition, 79% of buyers believe that they can trust the reviews they read on the internet more than personal advice.

If you’re a brand that’s new the customers you sell to must verify that your descriptions of the products correspond to the actuality. If shoppers can see what other customers comment on the products they bought, your brand grows in the trust of customers and establish credibility. Then, they are enticed into adding items to shopping carts with confidence.

Baltic Born takes customer reviews an extra step by encouraging their community to post photos of their reviews. This increases the trust and transparency of their customers along with the feeling of FOMO. When customers see how beautiful they look in real life they’re more eager to experience them.

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They say that the Baltic Born sisters say:

“Reading each and every comments from our customers on how gorgeous they felt in their Baltic Born dress made them feel is the inspiration that drives us to continue our mission!”

Baltic Born realized the power of customer reviews (especially reviews from customers with photos or other content created by users). Therefore, they decided to encourage customers to post reviews through the loyalty rewards program.

Baltic Born’s Loyalty Program “Most Definitely” Increased Customer Lifetime Value

The value of a customer’s lifetime (CLTV) is the total amount of money a company could expect to collect from a common customer throughout their entire relationship together.

The statistics of business show that customers who are already loyal to a brand account for the majority of brands’ profits, while only 35% of the profits come from new customers. In addition, increasing the retention rate of customers by 5 percent could increase profits by as much as 95 percent.

Learning how to create and sustain loyalty to customers is the key ingredient to increase repeat purchases and increasing CLTV. When it comes to the latest customer loyalty in the world of eCommerce the focus is on creating a fun and customized shopping experience.

This is exactly the benefits of a loyalty program.

When customers sign up to the loyalty programme, they’ll begin collecting points for completing certain tasks (i.e. making a purchase, promoting your company’s social media accounts and so on.). Once they reach a certain threshold, they can exchange points for rewards, such as discounted shipping, or free delivery on their next purchase.

The experience of shopping with your brand turns into a pleasurable engaging game. However, instead of winning the prize the customers are rewarded that allow them to shop more at your shop. The result is usually customers buying more increasing their average order value, and staying more loyal. They’re also more likely encourage their acquaintances to make the same purchase.

Research tells us that:

  • 77% of consumers would like brands to offer reward programs.
  • 81% of consumers say that loyalty programs entice consumers to keep buying from a specific brand.
  • 66% actually change the amount the spend (and 43 percent increase their spending) to maximize the benefits of loyalty.
  • The customers who join the loyalty program of a company are able to spend 18% more per year.
  • People who love joining loyalty programs are 10 times more likely to be happy customers.
  • 73 percent of customers tend to recommend brands that have excellent loyalty programs.

As per Baltic Born, the Baltic Born team, Stamped.io’s Loyalty & Rewards tool “most certainly” improved their customer life worth “immensely. Since the introduction of the loyalty program and reward system, Baltic Born has seen “a huge amount of customers taking advantage of their rewards points in order to return to shop using the discounts they have earned. The team expressed their delight in their customers “constantly sending emails” regarding how much they enjoy getting their rewards and then redeeming them.

Our more valuable customer lifetime value has definitely was enough to cover the cost of the Loyalty & Rewards subscription (and plus a bit more! ). So if your business hasn’t yet implemented an incentive and loyalty program, then take a page from Baltic Born’s guide and make one today. It is possible to use Baltic Born’s winning system as an inspiration:

How Baltic Born Uses Loyalty & Rewards To Entice Shoppers

How can you get customers to sign up for an loyalty plan? You provide them with super simple ways to cash in points and redeem rewards they really need. In addition to earning 200 points for the day of your birthday Baltic Born gives customers numerous methods to make points for example:

  • When you sign up to create the account (200 Points)
  • When you make purchases (10 Points for Every $1 You Spend)
  • Three buys (200 points)
  • Following Baltic Born on Instagram (100 Points)
  • Liking Baltic Born on Facebook (100 Points)
  • Reviewing the course (100 Scores)
  • Reviewing photos online (150 points)
  • Answering an inquiry (100 points)
  • Referring to a to a friend (500 points each time they purchase)

As you can see, certain actions can aid in helping Baltic Born be more successful. Thus, the loyalty and reward program works to their advantage in the long run the customersIt’s a win! What their customers make while helping to grow their brand:

  • 500 Points 5 Points = $5 discount
  • 1,000 Points 10 percent discount
  • 25 Points: 2,500 Points: Discount of $25

Although these discounts may seem insignificant to your business but they’re an enormous difference in the customers’ perceptions. If you begin rewarding your customers for being loyal, we’re in confidence that you’ll achieve the same kind of success that Baltic Born has.

Ready To See How Stamped Can Help Your eCommerce Brand Reach the Next Level?

Baltic Born subscribes to Stamped.io’s Full Suite Plan that includes our highly-rated Reviews & Ratings, as well as our loyalty & Reward software. Follow their example, follow their example, and then be in a position increase brand awareness and customers’ loyalty by using our simple solutions for reviews from customers as well as rewards, marketing with images such as VIP tiers, rewards, or referral program — all within one easy-to-use dashboard.
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