YouTube Monetization: Guide To Earn Money from YouTube


What is the policy for YouTube’s monetization in 2022-23? By 2024, there will be billions of YouTube subscribers and millions of creators working there, as is well known. You may have pondered at some point why people produce content for YouTube, especially since it is free. They are wasting their time and effort by producing something that will never be useful to anyone and is worthless. This blog post will go through “How YouTube’s monetization practices work in 2022-23” and “How creators get money from YouTube.”


YouTube’s monetization model is relatively straightforward. YouTube does business with a chain circle where advertisers choose It as a platform, and Youtube chooses creators as its publishers. YouTube publishes advertisements at the beginning or finish of a creator’s video, which creates income for the creator. It transfers income to the creator through their Adsense account, from which they can transfer their earnings straight to their bank account.


AdSense is the most crucial factor for your YouTube Monetization. Google’s AdSense service enables creators in the YouTube Partner Program to get payment. Set up an AdSense account from YouTube Studio to begin receiving payments from YouTube. You can understand the work index and role in your YouTube earning of AdSense in three simple steps:

1. You make your ad spaces available on your videos.

2. The highest paying ads will appear on your site or YouTube Video.

3. You get paid in your AdSense account.

The process for your Adsense account setup is pretty simple for your YouTube monetized video earings. You need to Set up an account on AdSense linked with your YouTube channel, then Verify your info, such as providing identity verification or living verification, your country details, and your postcode. After all this, you need to provide your bank’s details and tax info, Add a form of payment, and Get Paid.


YouTube introduced its Partner Program for creators in 2007. and YouTube launched a monetization policy for its creators in 2015, claiming that every individual creator needs to have at least 10000 views on their channel for a lifetime. Then, he can enable and use the monetization feature to earn money. This rule was for every creator in the world, and it changed in 2018 when YouTube witnessed profound changes and the increasing number of creators in its partner program.


In 2018 YouTube changed its policies for creators earning money through YouTube monetization. YouTube did this because most of the audience was engaging on YouTube as creators. They were using fake views, bots, and adult content to grow and earn through YouTube, so YouTube introduced a strict rule where it was a profitable deal for legit creators posting the guideline content on YouTube. The YouTube Monetization rule running in 2022 is given below:

  1. The creator must have at least 1,000 subscribers.
  2. The creator must have at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months.
  3. The creator must live in a country with access to the YouTube partner program.
  4. The creator has created their AdSense account and linked it to their YouTube channel.
  5. The creator should not have active community guidelines strikes on their channel.
  6. Creator abides by all YouTube monetization regulations and follows the guidelines and rules.


When you are part of any big organization and become huge in subscriber count, you always get a few new and more ways to grow yourself, like YouTube. You get a lot of options to earn for yourself through your content without depending on YouTube’s monetization. You can do a lot of work there, such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling online courses
  • Selling merchandise

Affiliate marketing

Another source of income for Creators is affiliate marketing. You’ll get paid a commission when you promote a product through affiliate marketing on YouTube. Getting clients for affiliate marketing depends on your subscriber counts and how you provide them with your services.

Selling online courses

 An excellent method to market your abilities to your audience is to offer an online course. Your subscribers will be more than ready to invest their money and sign up for your course if it provides them with something of value. An electronic book or a movie could be used as part of an online course. You may thereby earn a significant amount of potential income.

Selling merchandise

 Selling branded products is a fantastic way to monetize your YouTube channel and increase your company’s online and offline awareness, in addition to growing the number of subscribers to your channel.

Purchasing goods is a more straightforward way to make money than using AdSense. And in this case, you are not required to pay YouTube a specific percentage.

Purchasing t-shirts, hats, and notepads are an excellent way for subscribers to show their support for your channel. This strategy’s most successful use is with channels with more significant viewership. If you want to sell your designs, you can upload them to Printful or Printify’s online store, where buyers can purchase them and get their orders sent by mail right from the store.

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