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Although air purifiers have been available for a while, a global epidemic and wildfires have recently increased demand for them. Wyze is entering the air purifier market with its well-known strategy of turning common household items into affordable smart home accessories. Excellent results are to be expected.


If you need to get rid of dust, pollen, and other toxins from the air, the Wyze air purifier is a fantastic choice. The best voice-activated air purifier is Wyze. Wyze air purifiers are available with a Wyze coupon.


– 450-550 ft2

-4 locations

– 243x240x472 (inches) 9.5×9.4×18.5 (mm)

– Wyzebrand

– Formaldehyde, Wildfire, Allergen (All HEPA)

– 8.75-9.32 (lbs.) / 3.97-4.23 (kg) (kg)

– ADR of 350m3/h (at max fan speed)

– 20.8-52.1dBA

– Alexa and Google Assistant

– 0.3-micron laser particle sensor among the sensors


– Normal operation is virtually silent

– Adheres to integration directives immediately

– Outstanding airflow

– Compact and transportable


– Design is dull

– There should be more fan speeds.

– Expensive, proprietary filters

– Setting up the app is difficult.


A tall, roughly square-shaped tower made of black plastic houses the Wyze air purifier. The fan is hidden by the front and back intake vents. Air exits a top vent after passing through the filter. Filter replacements are kept in the bottom locking cap.

Since most air purifiers aren’t decorative, Wyze chose not to design one. Although it isn’t ugly—in fact, I’d say it looks prettier than many non-smart versions—it has a practical aesthetic that would work better in an office than a living room.


Status indicators and laser-detected airborne particles are displayed on a digital display on the front. If there isn’t much light in the room, the display is too bright for me, and the constantly shifting particle values are unsettling. The fan is slowed down and the display is turned off when the air purifier is in sleep mode. I wish there were options to dim the display and automatically update the particle reading every minute.

The front edge features lit capacitive buttons, but the software can do more tasks. Power, Auto mode, the choice of a manual fan speed, and sleep mode.

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A handle for carrying the Wyze air purifier is located on the back, next to the digital display. The display will be blocked if you pick it up since your brain will want to grab the other side with the other hand. Although it is uneven when carried by one handle, most people won’t worry because it is lightweight enough.


When you are several feet away from the fan, you may feel a light breeze, but it is nearly silent when you are right next to it. Unless you manually alter it, auto mode should maintain this fan speed until your air is highly unclean.

HIGH-Velocity Desk Fans

Other fan speeds quickly rise. Though audible from across the room, the second level might be disregarded. The sound and airflow are comparable to most medium- or high-speed desk fans at level 3. The last phase of level four is a full-on windstorm that is audible and palpable across the entire space. You should only use these speeds when necessary because the fan should ideally be idle at the lowest setting.

Filters for allergens, formaldehyde, and wildfires are available. Wyze air purifier offers an affordable subscription for those who need replacements frequently. Each has a 12-month lifespan, but it also relies on usage and air quality.


if you use an air purifier that is connected. There are many good air purifiers available without voice controls and applications; the majority are more affordable, powerful, or have more appealing designs. Bypassing proprietary screening is possible.
We are left with a well-made product with several advantages after subtracting direct value. Schedules and geofencing could help air filters last longer, tracking capabilities could help you assess the quality of the air you breathe, and voice commands are handy if you don’t want to fiddle with physical or remote controls. Wyze air purifier, which costs $175, provides useful functions and a connection to your smart home.


You have allergies to dust, pollen, or other airborne allergens.

You want more smart home gadgets.

For the wildfire season, you are ready.


I require a larger air purifier.

You desire the most attractive model.



The Wyze Air Purifier P1 was released in 2021, while the Smartmi Air Purifier P1 had comparable features and cost $5 more (after the discounted launch price is over). Compared to the Wyze air purifier, which is only available in black, the Smartmi model is more attractive and comes in both silver and black.

If you intend to move it frequently, the P1 has a more comfortable grip. It is compatible with Apple Home Kit. Wyze’s fan is superior if you’re dealing with formaldehyde or wildfire smoke because it has more precise filtering settings and can cover 500 square feet as opposed to 350 square feet for the P1.


The best smart air purifier, according to the editorial staff at Amazon, is the Bissell air220, which costs $60 more and has a lower airflow rating (178 m3/h vs. 350 m3/h). The only filters offered by Bissell are the normal and the one for dogs. The filters are three-staged, collecting larger particles first, followed by HEPA particles, and then odours and chemicals. Wyze filters that are all-in-one are simpler to replace but soon lose effectiveness.
Filters from Bissell start at $23. The front cover rattles, and “Whisper” mode is audible.

LEVOIT Core 300S vs. Wyze

Popular and reasonably priced smart air purifier LEVOIT Core 300S has features that Wyze shares. About $70 less and half as much air is moved by the Core 300S. LEVOIT filters are the first HEPA, Pet, Toxins, and Smoke filters. The cost of these innovative all-in-one filters is comparable to that of the Wyze air purifier.


Once everything is set up, the air purifier is incredibly responsive when interacting with voice assistants. Changes to the app take effect immediately, and voice queries made through Google Assistant are handled quickly. Voice commands can be used to control the power state, fan speed, and sleep mode of the device.

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