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Why your retail business must shift focus to unified commerce?

Unified Commerce: a necessity to your business

Today’s customers have access to latest technologies, channels, brands and the best products. But they don’t always have access to seamless shopping experiences, because retailers put reluctance to embrace a right commerce strategy.

While online channels remain central to today’s business, as a retailer you need to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

What is needed to provide the best experience to customers?

For this you need valuable insights about your customers, interests and wants. To get insights, you can use data analysis tools. The data analysis tool works on customer data collected from your social media platforms, other interactions, website, email, phone and more and analyze data to gather insights about customers.

Here is why unified commerce is gaining attention.

How it helps to deliver a seamless shopping experience to customers, irrespective of how or where they are shopping?

Unified commerce is a unified platform that centralizes data about your customers and products you have collected. Unified Commerce connects your systems of e-commerce, mobile commerce, inventory management, CRM, POS (point of sales) into a single platform. The platform aggregates all the data to a single location and provide insights into improving customer engagement across your organization channels.

While the goal of unified commerce is to help deliver personalized shopping experiences in line with customer expectations, it is essential to have a solution that aligns all channels to provide the same information that customers anticipate.

What are the key elements of unified commerce?

Customer interactions: As your customers use different sales channels like mobile, ecommerce, or physical store, it is critical to record customer approach and behavior in each channel. From the customer interactions, you can gain lots of insights about your customers and derive plans to provide the best experience to your customers.

Channels: Customers navigate various channels to buy your products. The channels must be equipped to provide customers a pleasant and seamless buying experience. Doesn’t matter if customers switch to another channel within your business, the experience must be smooth. Consistency is the core of unified commerce.

Systems: All business systems must work together. The systems such as your CRM application, inventory management, POS application, e-commerce platform, and other platforms are critical data tools. Unified commerce platform combines these systems together to derive meaningful insights.

Products: Having an accurate product information across all channels is crucial. This helps customers to seamlessly navigate product catalogues and choose the right product. Unified commerce platform helps you present consistent information and combines product updates whenever done.

Unified commerce strategy connects all channels and ensure information flow across channels would be consistent. With enough data on all channels, your teams get what is needed to deliver a personalized experiences to customers.

The importance of unified commerce is:

  • The availability of data in one place means, you can better manage your stock with improved visibility. As the data in the back-end and front-end are always in sync, you can get rid of the common inventory challenges your retail business face.


  • Delivering personalized experiences means improved customer satisfaction. Improved POS (Point of Sales) provides meaningful data and easiness in automatic payment while leaving.


  • Order fulfillment gives you immense advantage. Unified commerce platform keep track of inventory across all your warehouses. This make sure that the product ordered is delivered to customers promptly, improving customer satisfaction.


  • Data analysis is made simple. Data which is available on a single platform is easy to be analyzed and gather insights about your customers and products. Unified Commerce platform allows you to collect information in an efficient manner, helping your teams to deliver more personalized experiences

How unified commerce platform will benefit your business?

  • Enhance sales growth
  • Gran new customers and retain existing ones
  • Customers can order and buy online and pick up in-store
  • Use data insights to improve sales and marketing campaigns
  • Minimizes errors, operational costs, and improves business productivity
  • Make better sales forecasting with precise data
  • Design promotions and revenue generating methods
  • Provides comprehensive visibility of stock across all channels
  • Automate tedious retail processes to improve employee productivity


What is the best unified commerce platform available in the market now?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is an excellent unified commerce platform that unifies your data into a single location and help you deliver personalized customer experiences on all channels.

D365 Commerce aggregates data from physical stores, call center channels, and online channels to get insights about customers. Using insights, you can offer experiences that customers anticipate, improve brand trust and employee productivity, optimize operations, create efficient supply chain and deliver better business outcomes.

Dynamics 365 Commerce allows you set up delivery methods, payment methods, price groups and categories. Customers can make the payment through their favorite payment methods, giving greater flexibility and convenience for customers to buy products. They can buy products from the store, pick up from other locations, or get the products delivered to your destination. This makes D365 Commerce an essential platform for modern retail stores.

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