4c17e17a10b6d2b29a85545cae5e0f4a7bcaff8c What Key Benefits Does Viva Insight Offer?

What Key Benefits Does Viva Insight Offer?

Microsoft Viva is made up of four modules that provide new employee experiences in four key areas: knowledge, communications, learning, and insights. All of this is available in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook. These work together to offer a modern employee experience platform by leveraging the core technologies of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph, and AI.

Viva Insights is an app that offers people, team managers, and company leaders the insight they need to build healthy work habits and a better work environment as a hybrid working both at home and in the office. It is an “intelligent” experience that uses MyAnalytics, Workplace Analytics, and Exchange Online to provide data-driven insights and offer actions to help prioritize well-being and enhance productivity.

In this article, we will look at Viva Insights, a Microsoft Teams app, its primary features, the benefits it provides to your employees’ mental health, and the benefits of greater productivity you should notice as a result. We will also discuss how Insights gives essential data to organizations while protecting employees’ privacy.

Viva Insights in Teams

The Teams app provides personalized recommendations to help you accomplish your best work. It generates insights for you that help you develop better work habits. Such as following through on commitments made to colleagues and scheduling uninterrupted, individual work time during the day.

Furthermore, It draws these insights by summarizing your Microsoft 365 data regarding emails, meetings, calls, and chats, which you already have access to.

Individual insights generated by the app are fully personal and private. Personal insights in the app are exclusively visible to you; neither your manager nor system management have access to or may see your insights.

You can use the Viva Insights app to:

  • Stay in touch
  • Save time
  • Send compliments
  • Reflect
  • Make use of Headspace.
  • Take a breather.
  • Begin a virtual commute
  • Make use of Microsoft To-Do.

Before we get into the important features, let’s have a look at the Personal Insights and Well Being Experiences you may expect.

Personal observations and insights

Personal insights can assist employees in maintaining solid relationships with key people in their network. Giving consumers a streamlined approach to prioritize time for frequent one-on-one meetings and staying on top of assignments shared across emails, chats, and shared documents from a single location is essential as our communications become more virtual.

Additionally, users are urged to schedule focused time so that they can work uninterrupted before the day is consumed by meetings.

This program provides fully private insights for individuals by summarizing Microsoft 365 data from emails, meetings, calls, and chats that individuals already have access to.

Wholesome wellbeing experiences

Personal Wellbeing Experiences on Microsoft Viva help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. Microsoft has developed multiple methods to protect your employees’ mental health and provide them with tools proven to lower stress directly in-app, using AI and the most recent industry research.

If your Teams App is disorganized, we recommend optimizing it in accordance with company governance principles and removing any unneeded Teams before adding any new features.

Important Characteristics and Benefits

Let’s dig a little more into each of those major features and benefits:

Stay in touch

This feature enables users to connect with colleagues and collaborators more effectively. Insights can identify your essential collaborators and allow users to “pin” them for faster access. This function can also recommend 1:1 meetings with your bosses or coworkers and set meeting reminders. It also reminds you to RSVP to meetings if you haven’t done so already.

Viva Insights assists business executives in addressing difficult challenges and responding to change by detecting organizational work patterns and trends. As organizations reimagine their offices for hybrid work, these could include wellness initiatives and workspace layout. It also gives leaders with organizational network analysis to help them comprehend the interconnectedness and cohesion of teams. The network analysis also provides information about what is going on in each of your offices.

Keep and protect time

Users of the Viva app can set aside time for focused work, with do not disturb features automatically activated to prevent unneeded interruptions.

If you send an email to someone asking if they received a report, or if you receive an email asking you a question, Viva Insights will highlight the recommended action. It will bring up the original email with the request and ask if you have fulfilled it. It’s a great method to keep track of things so you can concentrate your time on important tasks rather than sifting through your inbox.

Send compliments and praise

Users can thank their teammates and coworkers for their efforts by emailing them praise. For further exposure, the compliments can either be shared privately or publicly in a Teams channel.

Reflect and introspect

Encourages staff members to practice mindfulness. Users can increase their productivity and well-being by setting reminders to self-reflect on how they are feeling. In order to track how their emotions have evolved over time, employees can also examine their reflection history. Consequently, they are able to identify trends and decide whether to inform management of these trends.

Moreover, Viva Insights offers managers data-driven suggestions for creating productive teams. Viva Insights, for instance, may assist managers in determining whether their team is at risk of burnout and can offer suggestions like encouraging your team to disable alerts, establishing boundaries in their calendars, and defining daily priorities to concentrate on what matters most.

Employ headspace

Since Viva Insights and Headspace have integrated, you can access mindfulness right from the Teams app. offering music and guided meditations to help customers concentrate. Additionally, meditations are accessible during the virtual commute.

Go on a break

Users can take a one-minute “breathing break” as part of the Well Being Encounter, which is an animated experience that instructs them to concentrate on taking several deep breaths. Additionally, it can be accessed as frequently as needed all day long.

Windows to-do

The Insights app’s to-do cards provide tasks for employees that are due today or have a reminder set for today. This benefits everyone as time management becomes central to an organization’s budding prowess. 

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