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What is the ideal profile of a technical specialist translator?

The profession of specialist translator has experienced a significant boom in recent decades. When we say a technical specialist translator, we mean a translator who specializes in making technical translations, but what exactly does that mean?

A legal aid translation is the translation of texts in the context of a specific professional field. For example in the field of engineering and in general in all technological and technical fields. However, technical translation is also represented in many different ones.

Technical texts use terminology that is rather uncommon in everyday life and in many cases used exclusively within the framework of a specific sector. A successful technical translation requires a very specific profile and skills. We will explain them in more detail below. Take good care!

1. What is the profile of a technical translator?

1.1 Must be highly specialized

A specialist translator has in-depth knowledge of a specific subject area and consequently masters its terminology. Technical translators should not have more specialist knowledge than an engineer, but they should have a basic understanding of the context. This quality is achieved through experience in translating specialist texts in this field.

1.2 Must have a dynamic and highly knowledgeable profile

The technological or technical sector is characterized by its dynamism. It is a sector that is constantly evolving and therefore requires continuous language adaptation. A professional technical translator also has a dynamic profile, meaning they keep up to date with the latest developments in their field. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and the demand for quality technical translations requires a profile that keeps up with new developments, otherwise supply is limited.

1.3 Experience matters

A strong practical background is a requirement for all translation profiles. In the case of specialist translators, however, it is particularly important. Technical texts have certain specifications and therefore not only require sound knowledge of the source and target language. It is not enough to have a solid knowledge of a specific subject. If the translator has never dealt with technical documents, the results are unlikely to be good. This type of text has very specific characteristics, and in most cases the technical terminology can only be adapted through systematic translation.

1.4 Has documentation and research skills

Technical texts are usually demanding. Even the most experienced specialist translators often discover new or unfamiliar aspects of the subject in the course of their work. In order to deliver a faithful and accurate translation, the translator must go through a rigorous documentation process. Getting a clear overview of the content of the text can sometimes take longer than the actual translation process. The documentation or research phase can be significantly longer: the search for reliable sources and looking up specialist manuals or dictionaries are among the most common means. A good bibliography can make all the difference.

1.5 Requires a creative approach to the translation process

A good technical specialist translator must be able to deliver a target text that is true to the original. Each technical term or expression must have its corresponding specific meaning in the target language. However, this is not always easy. In many cases there is no equivalent term and one is forced to use one’s creativity to produce a text that reflects the original meaning and reflects its nuances and does not suffer in translation.

1.6 Create natural legibility

A good technical translation by legal translation agency leaves no traces. The texts created by best certified translators are organic and therefore go far beyond a literal translation. A professional translator is able to find the most appropriate formula, taking into account the needs of the author and the needs of the audience. The result is natural and readable text that does not interfere with the original author’s work.

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