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What Is Soundcloud, And What Are the Benefits Of It?

Soundcloud is an online audio distribution and streaming platform that enable people to promote, upload, podcast, share music, and stream. 

It is free for uploading audio, but a user needs to make an account on it, or people can log in via Google or Facebook. In addition, the platform offers offline music listening and paid subscriptions so that those who don’t like ads can listen to songs ads-free.

A lot of users buy Soundcloud likes to attract more people. One can access Soundcloud on mobile and desktop for Android and iOS. Soundcloud is a place to find new music and is often considered a hangout for the youth. 

Share music with ease

It is incredibly easy to find any music you want to listen to on Soundcloud. In addition, options on the website such as:

  • Messaging
  • Podcast
  • Sharing
  • Music streaming

All these options are impressive and loved by a lot of people. Artists can easily share their music on this platform for free and reach a massive audience. In addition, folks can simply integrate their favorite song playlist on their website. For this, they just need to follow including:

  • Tap on the WordPress code
  • After they see the option of embedding code
  • Copy that code
  • Paste it into a WordPress page or post

Offline listening and music download option

One of the best things about Soundcloud is that it offers users to download songs and listen to them in offline mode. This feature is best for those who don’t like ads in the middle of their music and who love to make their own favorite music collection and save them in a library for a hassle-free experience. 

In addition, offline music listing is ideal when one is expected to be away from cell or Wi-Fi coverage or for long trips where the internet is unavailable. 

Not only for indie bands

Soundcloud is not the only platform to find music; it is also a great place to link with several well-known bands. Furthermore, the massive growth of the streaming industry makes various entrepreneurs and start-ups build their audio-streaming websites. And also, it has made individuals capable of competing among the big leaders in the industry to enjoy so many benefits.

Build  massive followers

Just like on other social media platforms, folks have to engage with other users on Soundcloud to have an involved and successful presence on this platform. However, it is not sufficient to post your music on Soundcloud. First of all, making an impressive profile on Soundcloud is a very easy process. 

It is important to establish a great user base on Soundcloud. That’s why so many people buy SC likes to enhance their listeners. In addition, the comment feature may be helpful for the platform to become more reliable as it gives an idea to the audience that listing that specific tune is worth it. 

Mobile application is available

It is good to know that people can access the smartphone application of Soundcloud. It is best for those who don’t like to use the website and are comfortable with the application. 

However, one can’t comment on the songs or other streaming programs on the app, but apart from it, one can access everything on its app. In addition, you may simply listen to your favorite tracks and can, follow your friends and share music with them.

Soundcloud pro: earn money from your songs

There are several upcoming DJs, producers, composers, and indie bands on the platform. They all upload their music and hope to reach more audiences, so they go for the pro plans of Soundcloud.

The cheapest plan is $2.50 per month. It allows you to share your song with all big providers and music companies. Another plan’s monthly cost is $12, and it adds the feature to accept direct messages from listeners and many more. 

Learn more about the audience

For artists who have already been active on Soundcloud for a long time and have a great fan base, this feature is ideal for them. In addition, if you subscribe to the premium account but require some amount to access it. This premium account allows you to access comprehensive statistics regarding your audience and the page, for example:

  • Download counts
  • Play counts
  • Location details of the listener

This information can be beneficial for knowing more about the audience and maybe a powerful tool to grow the fan base. 

Get the band noticed

Suppose you want to make a career as a musician and get huge followers, so Soundcloud can benefit you. Millions of people listen to different songs, and different people have different tastes regarding music.

 So it can be a good platform for new music performers because if people like your song, they share it with their friends, which will help you increase followers. 

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