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What is Lifeguard recertification near me

The Lifeguard recertification near me is a highly specialized figure, formed by the best swimming and lifesaving swimming coaches, enabled by the FIN. Its absolute peculiarities are to prevent and supervise.

It has a dynamic nature, a high water culture, a strong sense of responsibility, ability to prevent accidents and manage emergencies, coordinating with the authorities and other professional figures. Are you ready?

The FIN will make you an expert in the professional techniques of swimming for rescue, resuscitation, in case of extreme necessity, also equipping you with the ability to use the AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

The courses are held at the best structures, recognized by the FIN, throughout the national territory or at the Federal Swimming Schools.

The lifeguarding certificate of the Italian Swimming Federation is the only one that meets the requirements of the guidelines of the ILS (International Life Saving Federation) for the recognition of patents internationally and can also be transcribed in the registration sheets of military personnel of the Army, the Navy, the Carabinieri and for the personnel of the State Police.

The patent constitutes a professional title of merit for:

The attribution of training credit to the State exams of the II^ level Secondary School.
The employment of the military of the FF.AA. in tasks related to the patent, the registration of which is authorized by the Ministry of Defence.
The training course for obtaining the professional qualification of Pool Lifeguard Assistant is divided as follows:

  • Basic module: 160 hours of water activities aimed at learning basic swimming skills.
  • Specific module: training activity for Lifeguards whose total duration is 71 hours and is structured in 3 different modules.
  • The first is purely theoretical, lasts 27 hours and deals with the following topics:
  • Notions on liability and safety, rescue techniques;
  • Basic Life Support & BLS with use of AED;
  • Notions of meteorology;

Concepts of environmental and health protection.

The second module , on the other hand, is practical, lasting 14 hours , and concerns the learning of the following knowledge:

Recovery techniques for subjects in a state of danger in water;
Rescue swimming techniques.
The third module consists of an internship to be carried out in an affiliated structure. Intermediate tests are also foreseen to verify the learning of the knowledge acquired.

At the end of the course there is an exit test (theoretical and practical) which constitutes the final verification through which the qualification is actually issued.

The Italian Swimming Federation has decided to reserve privileged treatment for its members, instructors, competitive and master athletes, through the Special FIN educational path.

There are also concessions for the Armed Forces, Police Corps, Fire Brigade, Schools and Universities. Contact salvamento.703-856-8901
it for further information.


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