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What Does a Good Resume Look Like in 2022?

Our team of seasoned hiring managers and career specialists believes that these nine abilities should be listed at the top of your resume. Include these talents on your resume if you have any experience with them. You cannot, however, just add this list to the abilities section of your resume. Instead, this article will show you how to utilize each of these skills to its full potential on your resume.

1. Effective communication

Employers view strong communication abilities as a need for the majority of positions, whether you’ll be communicating with customers or members of your team. Make sure the abilities part of your resume emphasizes “verbal and written communication” and highlights accomplishments that include getting along with others.

2. Teamwork abilities

Collaboration and helping other team members remain important skills to highlight on a resume, even if you work from home. Give instances where you’ve successfully collaborated with others and contributed to the success of the team as a whole.

3. Knowledge of computers

Being knowledgeable in certain software and computer savvy is very important because computers are utilized for everything from medical records to warehouse invoicing. Mention software you’ve used that might be relevant to the position if the employer doesn’t specify any specific computer skills that should be listed on a resume (e.g., Microsoft Office for an office administration position).

4. Paying close attention

The hallmarks of outstanding employees include spotting errors and correcting them, making sure all of your job responsibilities are handled appropriately, and delivering accurate, high-quality work. Because of these traits, great attention to detail is a valuable ability to list on a resume. Give examples of tasks and accomplishments at work that depend on this quality.

5. Versatility

Throughout your career, you can be asked to execute duties that are outside the scope of your job description, put in unusual hours, or wear numerous hats at work. Recruiters look for this soft talent in the resume skills section since they are in great demand for people who can handle constantly changing demands and continue to perform at their jobs. Give examples of how you’ve been able to adjust to the needs of companies and go with the flow.

6. Effective time management

Employers require employees who can complete tasks quickly and on schedule. Include this soft skill in the skills area of your resume, but go beyond that to provide work examples that demonstrate your ability to successfully and regularly meet deadlines or juggle several responsibilities without falling behind.

7. Working ethics

As crucial as the technical skills you list in your resume’s skills section are how you approach your work. Employers will always value a work ethic that demonstrates your commitment to the position. In your resume, highlight duties and professional accomplishments that show you go above and beyond the call of duty and that reflect the time and effort you’ve put into your work.

8. Originality

A business can grow by adopting novel methods for resolving issues or by using “out-of-the-box” thinking to attract new customers or launch brand-new initiatives. Particularly in those businesses that depend on innovation and being one step ahead of the competition such as resume writing services, creativity is one of the best qualities to list on a resume. Give one or two examples from your previous employment that demonstrate your ability to adopt a creative, unique approach.

9. Knowledge of project management

Developing your career mostly depends on demonstrating your ability to lead and manage work tasks. In the skills area of your resume, be sure to indicate any experience you have with agile approaches like Scrum and project management tools like Trello and Zoho. Give particular information about the projects you oversaw that was successful.

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