Top ways to find properties for flipping

Locating property leads for flipping may differ from finding a residential home or turnkey property. Since houses meant for flipping are usually a result of foreclosure or probate sale, they are in distressed condition and require heavy renovations. Hence, real estate investors take ownership of such properties and bear the repair costs to resell while keeping high-profit margins.

However, flipping houses is not as easier as it sounds. Many who have just entered the real estate market end up presuming that flipping takes nothing but a lump sum investment capital. Well, sure it does but that’s not just it. People in the flipping business must possess strong market knowledge and connections to locate cheap properties that are worth investing in.

Valuable property leads play a major role in the real estate business. Regardless of whether you are buying property for residence, renting, or flipping, having the right property leads is the first step towards profitable investments. It’s quite obvious as one cannot begin to plan investments unless they locate a property worth investing in.

Finding houses has become easier these days owing to the wide range of available resources. Unlike in the past, investors don’t need to rely on real estate agents and court listings only. There are multiple other online and offline ways to get valuable property leads for their flipping business. For instance, there are numerous online listing sites and portals such as Flipscout that help investors in finding profitable property lead using data and intelligence.


House Flipping: What Does It Involve?

Before we discuss the different ways to find properties for flipping, it is important to know the house flipping process well and understand the essentiality of relevant property leads. Simply put, flipping refers to the process of buying properties at lower prices to resell in the quickest time possible. The buying intention distinguishes properties meant for flipping from other regular ones.

House flipping involves locating and buying properties (mostly in distressed conditions) available at cheaper market rates, making the necessary renovations, and selling them at the current market prices. Properties under probate sale and foreclosures are mostly targeted for flipping as their owners require immediate resale value. While renovations and market listing for resale come much later, locating properties whose market value is expected to appreciate is essential. Hence, it is on the investor to judge and invest in properties that are profit-yielding in the near future.


Best Ways To Find Properties For Flipping

Now that you have a clear picture of what the process of house flipping involves, it’s time to look at the multiple ways to find properties for flipping, the right ones. Again, once you are out searching for distressed properties, you’ll come across many leads. However, it is important to invest in the right ones that have the potential to be sold at higher prices post necessary fixes and repairs.

Fortunately, there are many viable ways to get relevant property leads that make the flipping process easier. You don’t have to rely on local real estate agents or court listings only. There are multiple other ways that can feed you filtered property details specific to your location and other preferences. Some popular ways to find properties to flip are discussed as follows:

  1. Property listing sites online

Finding properties has become easier than ever with real estate listing websites. Irrespective of whether you are looking for property for rent, residence, or flipping, you can always browse through websites and portals like Flipscout to get relevant property details. Such websites act as a common platform that provides sufficient market data with extensive search filters to make finding properties easier.

  1. Personal Connections & Auction

Building a strong network in the real estate industry is the key to earning handsome profits. To find, fix, and flip properties successfully, one needs to have strong connections in the market. The better connections you maintain, the better market exposure and updates you’ll get. Also, you’ll be invited to more real estate auctions by the community which is a hub for finding properties worth investing in. In most of these auctions, properties are sold at minimal market rates since they are either banked-owned or going through probate sales or foreclosures.

  1. Manual Searching

Another traditional yet smart way to find properties for flipping is offline searching such as going through the public records to identify defaulting properties with outstanding taxes or mortgage payments. Such situations indicate that the homeowners might be in some financial distress and open to receiving buying offers. Another creative way to find properties for flipping is to go through probate sale listings where listed properties are neglected and their

ownership is unwanted by the person it is left to. Also, you can drive through local neighborhoods and find off-market properties that have no competing investor making an offer.

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