Top 5 Best RC Drift Car YouTube Channels

If you enjoy the world of RC Drift Cars, you’re probably on the lookout for content that covers your favorite topic. A quick Google search can give you some options and provide a few websites, but for the most entertaining and informative information, we’ll go where people all over the world go: YouTube. What follows is a list of the Top 5 Best RC Drift Car YouTube Channels.

5. RC RC RC!!!

This first channel has over 2 million subscribers and covers just about everything having to do with RC. However, for those looking specifically for RC drift cars, this channel has you covered with over 140 videos of various RC drift meets and competitions, as well as a few specific models in action by themselves. Most videos are only a few minutes long, so you could blast through that backlog in no time!

4. Kevin Talbot

This YouTube channel hosted by Kevin Talbot is a general RC channel, but this one goes more in-depth about RC building, reviews, and experiments. Kevin’s personality and antics have earned the channel 1.56 million subscribers, making it very successful in a very specific niche. 


You can feel his passion for the hobby bleeding through the screen, and his workshop is chock full of different kinds of RC cars and projects. In terms of RC drift cars, he has plenty of coverage, with videos about RC drift cars large and small.

3. Tomley RC

Tomley RC is another RC-focused YouTube Channel. The channel’s host is crazy about the hobby and has videos that cover a few things outside of RC reviews, such as videos on basic RC construction techniques and where first-timers go wrong. 


This makes it a useful resource for those just getting into the hobby. He also has videos that cover the largest and smallest RC cars on the market, which are always incredibly entertaining. 

2. 10th Scale Garage

This channel is smaller than some of the others on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad channel. 10th Scale Garage has 30 thousand subscribers and a catalog full of videos that cover all things RC. It also does occasional live streams where the hosts interact with fans while they do a build or another related activity. 


That kind of fan engagement is pretty rare in this space, so it bodes well that this channel will grow in the future if they decide to stick with its current style of content. Live streams are also a great way to ask your own personal questions and have them answered quickly by knowledgeable RC enthusiasts, and that includes questions about your latest RC drift car kit.

1. Make It RC

This final channel on the list is one that is dedicated almost solely to the actual build process of different styles of RC cars. From individual kits, 3D printed custom chassis, and even accessories for homemade RC tracks, Make It RC has all the content a DIY RC enthusiast could ever want. For RC drift car-specific fans, Make It RC has a number of RC drift car build guides and upgrade tutorials.


If you enjoyed this article, you should also check out’s drifting videos section. It has even more videos not featured on this list that will further educate on everything to do with drifting.

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