The Reason For The Karma Concept, And Why You Do Not Have Faith

There is good and bad in the concept of karma which this article will explore, among other thoughts such as superstitions, religion, faith and finding a path that suits you.

Karma is a great coping mechanism to deal with the suffering of life. Karma is a very attractive concept because it makes the misery in this life easier to deal with. It makes suffering and illness and all the other difficulties of life a lot more bearable Buy Sage Online USA if you accept that you are paying off past debts. Now there is a reason for the inexplicable.

Perhaps karma is true, but the illogic of the concept is obvious. To be punished for what you did in previous lives that you cannot even remember simply makes no sense.

Karma is similar to many other religious concepts from hundreds or thousands of years ago which turned into a devout tradition to all followers of a religion. For example let’s look at Drukpa Kunley (1455-1529) from Bhutan, a country of devout Himalayan buddhists, aka; The Divine Madman, aka; “The Saint of 5,000 Women”. Among other things, women would seek his blessing in the form of sex. He came up with a story that he used his penis to subjugate the daemons by turning it into a large red hot iron rod and beat them into submission.

So now, every house and building in Bhutan has a giant penis painted on it to ward off evil spirits. He was a man who saw that religion was off track and wanted to make some radical examples to wake people up. Buy Organic Vegan Soap Online Instead, they turned him into a saint and turned his penis into a magical daemon weapon.

Stories like this make it increasingly difficult for a thinking person to accept religion and why in Bhutan for example, they cannot get enough young people to be interested in the tradition even to have enough caretakers of their temples. Karma seems to be just another one of those things that was created to appease people so they would stay peaceful in the midst of all their suffering, and in some cases, allows them to be used and abused like slaves.

The caste system of India is supported by the concept of karma. It keeps the untouchable caste accepting their low level of society because they believe it is their karma from a previous life that they should have to pay for their sins by being what they are born into in this life

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