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Terms and policies for desert safari in Dubai

Some certain terms and policies should be followed while planning a desert safari Dubai:

  1. All visitors must provide valid photo identification issued by the government of their respective country upon entering the UAE.
  2. It is required to respect the local customs, culture, and laws at all times during your stay in the UAE.
  3. Campers must not bring any alcohol, drugs, or weapons into the desert campsite to maintain safety and security.
  4. All campers are expected to clean up their rubbish after they leave the campsite as per UAE regulations.
  5. There is a strict “no-smoking” policy at the desert safari Dubai campsite.
  6. No pets are allowed at the campsite for the safety of other campers and wildlife.
  7. Campers must not disturb or harm any wildlife during their stay in the desert.
  8. There is a strict noise curfew after 11 pm to respect other campers and the neighboring communities.
  9. Campers must book their safari trip with a reputed and certified tour operator to avoid any discomfort or mishaps during the journey.
  10. All visitors are advised to take adequate safety precautions during their stays in the desert, such as wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion.
  11. Participants must follow all instructions of the tour guide while touring in the desert.
  12. All visitors are required to pay a nominal fee to access the campsite.
  13. Any damage or loss caused by campers at the campsite should be reported immediately, and any costs associated with such damages will be charged to the campers.
  14. In case of any emergency, all visitors must contact the tour operators or local authorities immediately.
  15. Campers must check out before 12 pm on their last day at the campsite to avoid any additional fees or charges. 16. Refunds will not be provided in case of cancellation due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  16. Campers must not litter or cause any damage to the local flora and fauna while they are in the desert.
  17. All participants must abide by all safety instructions provided by the tour operators before, during and after their safari trip in UAE.
  18. All visitors are required to follow the applicable laws, regulations and policies of UAE at all times.
  19. The tour operator should be informed in advance if any special medical condition or dietary requirement needs to be considered during the stay in the desert. We hope these terms and policies help you plan a safe and enjoyable desert safari in UAE. Enjoy your stay!


By following the terms mentioned above and policies carefully, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable Dubai desert safari experience in UAE. Remember to respect the UAE’s local customs, culture and laws at all times during your stay there.

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