Simple House Easy Drawing | Drawing Tutorial

Easy Drawing house is composed primarily of straight lines, as you can see from the preview up top. You might want to use a ruler to assist you if you have problems constructing these. It’s better to attempt to complete the tutorial without one if you want to try and improve your artistic abilities.

For most phases, begin the Easy Drawing in pencil and use thin lines. This will allow you to remove some of the lines from step eight and make it simpler to fix errors (when adding the bushes around the house).

Step By Step House Easy Drawing

Sketch the House’s First Section:

  • As previously shown, draw the initial portion of the house. Its form is comparable to a triangle piled on top of a square.

Draw the First Section of the Roof:

  • Include the roof, with its ends dangling a bit lower than the walls.

Draw the Second Section of the House:

  • Add the second half of the house, along with its roof, to the first. It should have a rectangular shape with an inclined roof on one side.

Sketch the Windows’ Outlines:

  • Create three rectangles of varying sizes to represent the windows’ outlines. Put the largest one on the first section of the house’s lowest level (outlined in step one). The right side of the second half of the house should have a medium-sized window.
  • Finally, position the smallest window close to the roof over the largest one.

Draw the door:

  • Draw the door and place a small platform beneath it (basically one step). Put it on the left side of the window that is the medium size.

Draw the chimney:

  • Over the top of the second portion of the home, add the chimney to the right side of the roof.

Sketch the Finer Details:

  • By tracing a smaller rectangle inside the larger ones previously made, create the window frames. After that, add the dividers for each of them in the manner depicted in the example.
  • You could also give the door a handle (make it round).

Finish the line drawing:

  • You might plant some plants nearby to give the house an alive appearance. Simply remove portions of the outline where you want to insert them to accomplish this. Make the shrub shapes look like a cloud, which is made up of many small curves.
  • The basic shapes of all the house’s components should be clear once the shrubs are in place. Once you’ve finished, check to see that your design is how you want it to look, and go back over your lines in black using a pen or marker. If you don’t have one, darken the lines with a pencil.

Decorate the home:

  • To color, the drawing, feel free to use anything you like (pencils, paints, markers, etc.).
  • Make the windows blue, the roof red, and the home yellow or orange for a pleasing color scheme.
  • Make the bushes green and the door brown. The larger windows’ white frames can stay in place.

Kids’ Inside House Drawing

Kids can have a lot of fun sketching out the interior of a house by cutting out each room in cross-sections and then drawing the interior details. The garage, stairs, and rooms in this house are all beautiful. While assisting your youngster in drawing this lovely design, you may explain how each house room is used. Are you prepared to try this lovely drawing now?

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