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Santa Teresa A Secluded Vacation Spot Not Many Know About

It seems that when vacationers are searching the net and choosing where to go for their Costa Rica vacation, they often ignore Santa Teresa. Perhaps, this is because it is a very small town at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Ticos, which is the name the Costa Ricans call themselves, refer to the whole area as Malpais; as it encompasses the towns of Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen, Playa Hermosa, and Malpais. Hence, this may add to the confusion!

Santa Teresa – A Cool Destination

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is a secluded, surfer town on the Pacific coast, northwest of Cabo Blanco National Park; that covers the entire, southern point of Nicoya Peninsula. It is among the country’s up-and-coming hot spots. However, when you reach there, it feels like you have discovered a secret, cool destination in a remote part of the world, that not many people know about.

Santa Teresa – Finding A Place To Stay

To help you out with locating a nice place to stay you can find, a number of hotels, bordering homes, three-star, four and also boutique hotels in Santa Teresa Costa Rica. There will be furthermore the luxury resorts and spa hotels, where you can choose to stay.

You should spend a little time exploring the different ways that you can get your hotel’s information. The information must include the price of the Costa Rica resorts, the amenities that you will find and if possible, a map of Santa Teresa to review.

Getting To Santa Teresa Will Be Adventurous

Most tourists want to visit Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, or Jacósince they are much easier to reach. Anyways, if you want to discover a real gem and enjoy a huge stretch of beach all to yourself, do try to get to Santa Teresa. Getting there will be fun!

From San Jose airport you can opt for a small plane to Tambor airport, nearly 40 minutes away by taxi from the vacation rentals and hotel Santa Teresa Costa Rica by the beach. However, you miss a part of the journey. Many people choose a shuttle or bus.

The shuttle picks you up at the airport and takes you to town with the other vacationers, in a 10-person van. Large groups may arrange a van all to themselves. The van will drop you off at the ferry in Puntarenas. 

The ferry is one of the most adventurous parts of the journey. It will take almost 1 hour and 15 minutes and allow beautiful views of the Gulf of Nicoya and the encompassing green hills. The ferry also features a bar/disco area, indoor & outdoor seating, and a dining area. 

A second van picks you up on the other side and takes you over the mountain and down to the beach at Playa Carmen and on to Santa Teresa.

The bus takes a similar route as the shuttle but is a bit slower. You can catch the bus to Santa Teresa at the San Carlos bus terminal in San Jose.

The Sum Up

Don’t fear the six-hour journey since once you get to Santa Teresa, you’ll find that it was all worth it.

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