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Ride with Tradition on Updated Moped Bikes

A moped bike may be your greatest alternative for mobility during difficult times. Fuel prices are growing sharply and causing economies to falter all over the world. You must be sufficiently clever and wise while picking the type of car for you. The 50cc moped has emerged as one of the best options currently available. It’s because they’re not only more useful but also cheaper and simpler to maintain. This may be the easiest and most enjoyable way to ride a moped to your school, college, or the closest market. You will have an extremely easy time handling a moped because of its modest weight and manoeuvrability. It will make it simple for you to navigate the traffic. A moped can often provide about 100 miles per litre, which is fine and efficient. It is evident that a 50cc moped uses very little fuel. Therefore, you won’t need to fill your tank up every time you go on a journey. Several models of moped bikes are available on the market. Top two-wheeler companies are updating their moped models continuously. It is wise to choose an updated moped model. 

Typically, mopeds can benefit from bus lanes in various places, making it easier for you to escape lengthy lines. Another fantastic advantage of using a moped bike is effortlessly navigating traffic. Doing so can make commuting a lot quicker, simpler, and more successful. 

Mopeds are also less expensive to purchase and maintain than other types of vehicles and are simpler to operate. You only need a small initial investment, which will allow you to save money. A moped insurance policy is a must-have at all times.

You can lessen traffic congestion by using mopeds because of their reduced sizes. They will only occupy a small percentage of the available road space. Additionally, the lightweight design of mopeds might reduce road damage.

There are numerous benefits to utilising a moped, including the ability to get your first vehicle before turning 16 and the ability to commute faster. Here are the best-moped bikes available in the market.

  1. TVS XL100 Heavy Duty- The TVS XL 100 Heavy Duty is a 100cc moped intended for rural markets that serve primarily as a load carrier. The 99.7cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that powers the TVS XL 100 Heavy Duty was converted from carbureted to fuel-injected during the BS6 transition. It is coupled to a single-speed gearbox and has a power output of 4.3bhp at 6,000 rpm and 6.5Nm at 3,500 rpm. The XL 100 Heavy Duty can transport up to 130kg of weight while weighing only 89kg. The 16-inch spoke wheels are supported by dual hydraulic springs in the back and a traditional telescopic suspension up front. The little fuel tank has a capacity of only four litres, with 1.3 litres of reserve. It is possible to carry more weight with just one rider thanks to the retractable rear seat. The XL 100 Heavy Duty’s base trim comes with a kick start. It also offers an iTouch start model that has a silent electric starter and a USB charging port as an added feature. There is also a Winner Edition that is a little finer, featuring beige bodywork, chrome mirrors and exhaust shields, and a metal footboard.

Prices of variations of this model:

  • TVS XL100 Heavy Duty Kick Start- Rs. 60,238
  • TVS XL100 Heavy Duty i-TOUCH Start SE BS6- Rs. 64,980
  • TVS XL100 Heavy Duty i-TOUCH Start- Rs. 66,109
  • TVS XL100 Heavy Duty Winner Edition- Rs. 69,306
  1. TVS XL100 Comfort- The TVS XL100 Comfort is a moped bike that was created to satisfy the needs of the rural markets. This two-wheeler is well-known for its reasonable maintenance costs and affordable price. This moped is so popular that many businesses purchase it in large quantities because of its endurance, durability, and low operating cost. There are two colour options for the XL100 Comfort such as blue and brown. It is a rural product, so TVS has given it an incredibly utilitarian-looking appearance. The moped looks useful thanks to the tall handlebar, single big seat, and circular headlamp. The target market doesn’t mind that the tyres have a narrow profile. The moped is quite light because of its utilitarian design, resulting in a few body parts. A 100cc single-cylinder, four-stroke, fuel-injected engine powers this two-wheeler. This motor is coupled to a single-speed gearbox with a centrifugal wet clutch. The motor generates 4.4 bhp at 6,000 rpm and 6.5 Nm at 3,500 rpm. It now weighs 89 kg as a result of the adjustments brought on by the new emission standards. 

Prices of variations of this model:

  • TVS XL100 Comfort Kick Start- Rs. 56,334
  • TVS XL100 Comfort i-TOUCH Start- Rs. 69,060

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