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Improve Employee Retention With Field Force Management Software

Field employees are important assets for companies who rely on them for door-to-door sales marketing, servicing, etc. Therefore, it becomes important for businesses to ensure that the agents remain productive and efficient. The reason is that they are the face of the company while serving the client. Field employee tracking software will help you retain your super force.


The software understands how important it is for companies to retain their best employees. This is because the process of replacing the employee can be time and cost taxing. With the help of the software’s features, managers will be able to help employees overcome the challenges they face while on the field.

What Causes the Employees To Suffer During Field Operations?

Since the field employees drive sales to the business, their well-being is overlooked as they are not always in front of the managers. Managers are most of the time unaware of the difficulties field agents might be going through as a communication gap exists. 

Busy Schedules

The duty of increasing sales and marketing depends on the shoulders of field executives. This causes them to have a hectic schedule as they have multiple clients and customers to visit. In addition, they have to handle clients, serving, and documentation, which can get too much when done manually.

Unclear Tasks

Without the help of field force management software, it can be quite tough for employees to understand the tasks assigned and the changes made later.

Impractical Accountability

Field agents feel pressure because they are the company’s representatives and must do their best with each client. Being assigned tasks that are neither within their skillsets nor their region can stress them further.

Lack of Job Training

Providing field executives with proper training is a must. Lack of it can leave them in situations where they might feel lost with no one to ask for help.

Delayed Reimbursements

Field executives have to travel a lot which causes them cost and fuel. So, to keep them motivated, it is ideal for companies to reimburse them instantly. But often, the process for reimbursement can be long and strenuous. 

Lack of Appreciation

A major reason field employees quit their job is that they don’t receive their due appreciation. This can leave them feeling demotivated and unproductive.

How can Field Force Management Software Help in Employee Retention?

TrackoField, our field force management software, understands how important a productive and happy field employee is for the company. So it offers features and tools that will help the managers become more aware of the problems causing the agents to burn out.

Smart Task Assignement

With the help of the software, managers can bulk upload tasks in advance. This is a great way to save time and effort for managers and employees. 

Automated Attendance 

Geocoded attendance offered by the software automatically marks the attendance of field executives once they reach their task location. This eliminates the time wasted in traveling to the office just to mark attendance. 

Real-time Location Tracking

Managers are no longer required to call their agents to know their whereabouts updates. Rather they can simply track them in real time using the software app. However, the constant calling is disturbing and unnerving for the agents while with the client.

Instant Reimbursement

Using employee tracking software makes the reimbursement process rather simple. Now the agents can directly upload their claim requests remotely. The request will be visible to managers automatically. Furthermore, the agent will be notified if there is any chance in the status of their request.

Performance Reports

Managers are offered automated real-time reports, a great way to measure employees’ performance quality and productivity. Studying them can help managers understand where the employee is lacking. Then, through meetings, they can find a solution.

Digitalized Documents

Field force management software offers cloud storage where documents can be uploaded. As a result, agents no longer need to carry physical paperwork. Rather they get access to data remotely which can help speed up their work.

Use TrackoField for Maintaining Your Field Force

Retaining field employees become important, especially when they are star performers. However, replacing them will cost the company resources and time. That’s why managers need to keep tabs on field employees as well. To avoid it being too effortful, field force management software automates the agents’ tracking process. 

TrackoField is a field force management software that will help you retain your field employees with the help of its technically advanced solutions.

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