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physical traits and appearance

Toji did not get the chance to get old. Despite being one of the series’ most powerful and talented characters, he passed away young. Then, he was his best physical form when he was resurrected. Toji Fushiguro  is a well-educated man, about 6 feet tall with an athletic body that is worth dying for. He is a man with long black dark hair that covers the forehead and hairline, a look that is common to anime characters If you’re familiar with the characters.

In addition, he has a good appearance, which he got from the Zen’ins. Dark eyebrows, sharp eyes, battle-smart thinking, and a cool part of his mouth. He’s one of the characters with the best designs in the series. In the event that I was to describe and compare the character, I’d say that he appears like a blend with KenpachiZaraki in Bleach as well as IzayaOrihara in Durarara!!

Character and Personality

Character and personality. Hmmm. To be real, I would think of Toji’s childhood as the mix with Rock Lee from Naruto and KilluaZoldyck from Hunter x Hunter. He’s a skilled, hardworking master assassin, but was shunned by the public and fellow clan members simply because he did not possess Cursed Energy. (Asta of Black Clover would like to join the chat …)

Toji was raised under constant stress and pressure from his family. This led to his exile from his family. He enjoys fighting as much as Goku and Zaraki and keeps his cool in battles, much like Byakuya as well as Kakashi. Some would even say that he’s the same as Ace in a sense. Okay, let me put aside these examples.

Skills, Powers, and Abilities

Gojo was a highly skilled assassin. His birthmark was Heavenly Restriction which is a kind of cursed restriction that affects the person’s cursed energy for improvements to their body. But his “restriction” was the cause of his grueling life.



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