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Metal Art Decorating Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

Home decor, interior, and exterior are a part of the personality of a home. You can express your personality through the choices you make all the while making functional and comfortable choices.

It may also affect the listing if you plan to rent out your property or want to put it on the market. There are various benefits to decorating the exterior of your property. One interesting way to do so is by looking for metal art to add a unique touch to the space.

McLaws Customs LLC has a wide collection of interesting metal art that can be used in the outdoor and indoor decor. They make unique, quality pieces that stand out and elevate the look of a place drastically.

What is an Outdoor Living Space?

Before you get into ideas to decorate an outdoor living space, you must understand what qualifies as such. An outdoor living space is an extension of your home. It isn’t a space outside your property or in the great outdoors.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to decorate the way you like. You can upgrade the space using lighting, and television, add a fire pit and hang some interesting decor to make the place more attractive.

These spaces are often added near the wooden and stone area to make it a part of the landscape rather than adding an additional space to the mix. When designing the outdoor space make sure to know its purpose.

The themes you are going for (play area for kids, entertainment space, fire pit, etc) will help you make the right choice decor-wise.

Types of Outdoor Living spaces

Before you invest in a full-fledged renovation or move on to finding the right type of metal art for it, you must know the types of outdoor spaces there are and how to decorate them.

  • The Sun Deck

This is one of the most common types of decking that homeowners add to their properties. This deck can be elevated or on the ground level depending on the choice of the owner or the architecture.

This outdoor design is perfect for tanning. However, this also makes a fun place to hang out with your family and enjoy some fun activities.

  • Luxury Patio

This is a fun way to add pizzazz to your property. You can go for an upscale look with pavement-type patios. To further elevate the appeal, you can choose to add furniture and decor that acts as an extension of your interior decor.

Such patios are often considered intimate dining areas and work wonders when you are planning to host an event. Of course, the style and size of the patio depend on your budget and the property’s size.

  • The Deck Patio combination

This is the perfect balance between a luxury hardscape and a ground-level deck. This type of outdoor living space gives the homeowner the perfect opportunity to create a comfortable escape without going out of their way.

You can accessorize this space any way you like. There is no designated way to decorate a patio/deck. Metal art is one way to truly make this space your own.

Metal Art Decorating Idea for Your Outdoor Space

Now that we have established a few ways to design the structure of the outdoor space, we can move on to creating decor that is truly yours. Metal art is one way to ensure fixtures are unique, robust, and don’t need consistent maintenance.

Following are a few ideas you can turn metal art into decor pieces for the outdoor space.

  • Accents

Metal art is one of the most versatile ways to decorate any space. From actual furniture made from metal to pieces that just accentuate the place, a lot can be done with the right type of metal and finish.

You can go for a metal finish to add a metal border to a wall, a glass mirror with intricate metal detailing or metal pieces shaped into objects here and there will work wonders to bring everything together.

  • Hanging boards

Metal artists can design hangers made from metal where you can set up pictures, other objects, and even your keys when entering the house.

The good thing about metal is that it can be molded into anything you like. A simple minimalistic strip with hooks can also add the little touch of class you may be looking for.

  • Metal furniture

Metal is a versatile material. You can choose to add Celtic designs, antique-looking furniture or even modern and minimal. Outdoor living spaces aren’t complete without the right furniture.

Add intricately designed chairs and a table to the mix.

You can choose to add single chairs to the garden area or add a dining table with chairs to make the place more comfortable. You can invest in unique designs however, you are sure to find metal furnishings quite easily.

  • Lighting holders

Whether it is a lighting fixture or a chandelier, metal always does the trick. You can choose to mount LED lights onto curved stands on walls made from metal. Or add an intricate design chandelier to draw attention to the light.

Of course, adding simple lighting is enough but if you want to go the extra mile adding metal fixtures is an excellent way to go. You can also add metal benches with built-in lighting to illuminate the outdoor space by adding obvious lights.

  • Metal fences

These are beautiful pieces of art. While wooden fences are the norm. A metal fence will give your property a stately appearance. You can go for the antique look with some fun metal fences.

Make sure you are allowed to erect these fences in your locality before investing in some fancy fences made from metal.

Finding the Right Place to Find Metal Art

Brands such as McLaws Customs LLC offer some customized options to add your own touch to the design and decor of your outdoor living space. Get in touch with their experts to place an order today!

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