List of top 10 Stores to Shop Original Loreal Professionnel Serie Expert

Loreal has introduced a brand-new product line called the Loreal Serie Expert. They are made in the hands of incredibly experienced experts who have researched for several years and discovered several different formulas by mixing different ingredients to create something brand new. There are six bundles in the Loreal Serie Expert line, each of which has a variety of items to address a certain problem. The blondie kit is the first kit that is intended to aid with highlights and revive blonde hair. 

Vitamino Color, the second bundle, is created to keep coloured hair protected. The third item in the series is called Silver. It is a color-correcting shampoo that contains amino acids to minimize the appearance of grey hairs. The prolonger bundle comes in fourth place. It includes five products that help with increasing hair thickness and length. The fifth bundle, liss limitless, is developed to be used by stylists in hair salons to control your hair and give it a glossy look after a blow dry. 

The last bundle offers complete repair for hair that has been damaged by heat or colour. The Loreal Professionel Serie Expert collection will dramatically transform the way we take care of our hair. It is created so that regular people use it easily at home and experts can utilize it in salons.

If you want to buy Loreal Serie Expert goods but don’t know where to look, have a look at our website listing. The top ten websites in Pakistan to buy Loreal items are listed below:


Cozmetica is the most trustworthy online store to buy Loreal Serie Expert. They fulfil promises and provide sincere goods. They offer a wide range of products from numerous brands. Nearly every item from the Loreal Professionnel Serie Expert is available on Cozmetica. They offer great discounts frequently. Cozmetica provides its goods at a competitive price. Delivery of the package takes 3-5 business days. The products’ prices range from 1000 to 4050.


The website has been providing high-quality beauty-related products for a lengthy period. Free shipping is available on orders above 3,000/-. On their website, all of their products are now 20% discounted.

World of Bagallery

The World of Bagallery offers the best deals and discounts to its customers. They offer high-end products that are difficult to find on some other websites. They only sell genuine and original products. When you sign up, they continually email you about all of their special offers, making sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities to get good quality cosmetics.


Daraz has come a long way in helping clients find products that satisfy their needs. It is one of Pakistan’s most well-known, frequently viewed, and well-liked websites. A wide range of products is available on Daraz.


People like to wander around Aodour’s broad selection and get distracted. They offer discounted prices and free deliveries for special occasions. They offer the collection at a price that is noticeably lower than other websites. If you refer their site to family and friends, you’ll earn discounts and exclusive promotions.

Their website’s best feature is how clearly, they define their products, which makes it easier for customers to understand what they desire from the item they intend to buy. They send the item to your door in 5-7 working days.

Allure beauty

They believe that focusing on the happiness of customers by providing high-quality items is crucial, they make sure that every one of their clients has a pleasant interaction with them. On their website, they only have a small selection of Loreal Professional Series goods, mostly masks, and a few shampoos.


The online retail latest website, shopping offers a small number of branded products. They deliver unique products. The prices on this website are higher than those on other websites, which is the main drawback. They often take 3–4 weeks to arrive.


You can get all the top brands under one roof on this website. You won’t have to worry about not being able to find them. The fact that they deliver the goods in 2 to 3 business days is the icing on the cake. Another benefit is that their stores are located all around Pakistan.

Digimall. pk is a fantastic website for buying hair and beauty products at a low price. They don’t cut corners when it comes to quality, which makes this website credible. You may easily get Loreal Professional Series sets on their website.

Why Cozmetica?

Like other retailers, Cozmetica does not combine Loreal Serie Expert with regular Loreal cosmetics. All of the things displayed in their store are offered at reasonable costs. Products are easier to purchase by adding occasional discounts that are offered every few weeks. Customers can easily buy Loreal Professionnel Serie Expert bundles at Cozmetica.

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