Koel Roy Net Worth – Arijit Singh’s Second Wife

You might be wondering what is Koel Roy’s net worth. After all, she’s the second wife of Arijit Singh. However, before you start making calculations of your own, let us discuss a little bit about the lady herself. Koel is a college graduate and has a striking black hair and brown eyes. They have been friends since childhood, and their relationship is strong.

Arijit Singh’s second wife

After his first marriage ended in divorce, Arijit Singh decided to marry Koel Roy, who was a childhood friend of his. She was a divorcee and had a daughter from her first marriage. The couple got married on 21 January 2014. It was a private wedding and neither of them has ever opened up about their lifestyle to the media. They are currently living in Andheri, Mumbai.

The first marriage of Arijit Singh didn’t last long and the singer married Koel Roy, his childhood sweetheart, in 2014. The two have since been married in secret. It’s unclear how the relationship started but Arijit has been a quiet character and doesn’t want to get into the limelight. However, the couple has a daughter who loves Arijit’s music.

Koel roy’s net worth

Koel Roy’s net worth is currently estimated at $500k. His assets and income are based on his hard work and dedication towards his work. However, his net worth is likely to be even higher than that. Despite his public presence, Koel has kept his personal and professional life private. His social media profiles are very private and do not include his personal information.

Born in West Bengal, Koel Roy is an Indian citizen who rose to fame as the wife of the famous singer Arijit Singh. She completed her schooling in the state and later moved to Mumbai for further studies. Besides being a wife to Arijit Singh, Koel also works as a planner for his concerts and tours. She also believes in maintaining her privacy and maintains a low profile.

Her relationship with Ruprekha Banerjee

The two met on the sets of Fame Gurukul and were soon married. They had a daughter together. But the relationship between the two didn’t last long. In fact, it ended quickly. According to sources, the couple was married in a hurry, and the marriage was short-lived. Moreover, the couple’s relationship has been secretive, with both of them remaining media shy.

The couple was married in West Bengal’s Trapith Temple and have two children. Koel also has a daughter from a previous marriage. They live in Andheri, Mumbai. The couple is rarely seen together, but their social media feeds show them enjoying life.

Her Bengali wedding

The couple got married on 21 January 2014 in West Bengal at the Tripathi Temple. The ceremony was very traditional and small in number. The couple has remained out of the public eye since their marriage. The couple is presently living in Andheri, Mumbai. Despite the media attention, the couple has maintained their privacy and are not making any announcements about their marriage.

Koel Roy was previously married to another man and had a child with him before tying the knot with Arijit Singh. The couple later divorced for some reason. The couple has two children together. Besides the two children they share, Koel also remarried a childhood friend of Arijit Singh. Her net worth is unknown but some sources put it at 7 million dollars.

Her humble upbringing

Bollywood actor Arijit Singh married his childhood friend Koel Roy, who had a humble upbringing. They met while both were in school and became childhood friends, which eventually turned into something more. They are now married and live together in Andheri, Mumbai. Arijit proposed to Koel by singing the song Tum Hee Ho from “Aashiqui 2” (2013).

Born in West Bengal, Koel Roy attended school and studied in Mumbai. She had a previous marriage, which she later dissolved. Her marriage to Arijit Singh helped her gain fame and acclaim. Currently, Koel Roy is a homemaker who plans Arijit Singh’s concerts and tours. She does not interact with the media too often.

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