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How Worth Is a Costly House Paint?

A house speaks volumes about its owner. The decor, paint, upholstery, choice of colours, and upkeep all matter as we don’t just want it to be comfortably livable but also awesomely attractive for our pride and for all those who visit it. A simple painting job not only brightens, enlivens, and updates the house but also helps keep it tidier and more appealing.

Painters in Cremorne cite various reasons why homeowners dive into painting projects –

  • Moving into a new house.
  • Putting up their house for sale.
  • Adding a new portion to the house.
  • Renovating a portion of the house.
  • Updating the complete decor.
  • Want to change the use of some space.


P superbly explain why investing in expensive paints is sensible and profitable for homeowners.

1.   Better Look & Style

With changing times. people move towards a better lifestyle, be it their food preferences, their choice of clothes, or moving on to luxury cars. Then why would they compromise while choosing the paint? Expensive paints exude luxury and opulence. Your living space, which is your haven, can look splendid with immaculately painted walls that shine and express lavish tastes. Investing in expensive paints is a sane investment that can change the look of your house and your life, enhancing the decor and giving it an entirely new look.

2.   Inexpensive Makeover

Out of all the options available for updating the decor and look of your house, house painting is the least expensive, with umpteen other benefits outweighing the cost. A careful selection of the paint and the painter could help you save thousands of dollars. Just weigh all the pros and cons and finalise the paint. The benefits are long-lasting and ensure durability bringing down the cost factor to almost  negligible.

3.   Less Toxic

Quality matters. High-value paints are water-based and hence have fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) than their solvent-based contemporaries. This makes them safe for kids,  the elderly, pregnant women, and people with various allergies to live scot-free while you are undergoing with a painting job in the house. Due to negligible exposure to chemicals, painters from Cremorne swear by the benefits of these paints.

4.   Better Coverage

You need to buy fewer cans as these paints cover a larger surface area. Whereas with their cheaper alternatives, you need a lot more paint as they skimp on essential materials to reduce the cost of their product. Also, they give thick and even coverage due to excellent pigmentation, which isn’t the case with cheaper paints. If you want to skimp on cost without compromising quality, going for these high-value paints is the answer. Initially, they may seem costly, but they save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run; vouch the expert painters from Cremorne

5.   Cleaned Easily

These paints are pretty easy to clean as luxury emulsions come with a double surface coating which is not affected by exposure to water and soap. So, with a house full of kids who can scribble anything anywhere, or elderly who tend to spill things due to imbalance, luxury emulsions are the best alternatives. Compared to other plastic paints or cheaper alternatives, these paints enable you to admire your beautiful walls for longer.

6.   Finer Look

Changing the look of the house is easier but improving the look takes careful research and planning. The portions of your house that you detested for whatever reason can be made bright and beautiful, open and airy, pleasing and soothing at the same time by just deciding to repaint them with luxury emulsions and giving them a new lease of life. You can opt for the latest aesthetic trends, add more style with new combinations, set an example for others, fill yourself with pride, and make others envious.

7.   Necessary Upkeep

Everyone is conscious about keeping their surroundings clean. Efficient housekeepers know and keep innovating methods to keep their humble abode spick and span. Be it daily cleaning chores, weekly cleaning, monthly upkeep, or yearly repairs, painting the house at regular intervals is a necessary and preventative form of upkeep. Opting for high-value paints strengthens the walls as it starts with removing previous dirt and grime from them, saving from all the wear and damage.

8.   Raises The Bar

A serene-looking house with plush interiors is a dream come true for buyers. A well-done painting job can raise the retail value of your house. If you plan to enlist your house for sale, ensure to start the paint job before that. Painting refreshes, updates and enhances the look of the house, and this stunning beauty becomes the USP (Ultimate Selling Proposition). And if you aren’t planning to give it off, then this enchanting beauty that you live in would look way more expensive than it is.

9.   Simplicity

Painters from Cremorne own the experience of working with all kinds of paints and can clearly outline the difference between the two for you. Luxury emulsions give better coverage and need fewer coats making the whole process simpler and quicker. Whereas cheap paints tend to coagulate, drip, spread unevenly, and offer poor coverage. Also, fewer and simpler tools can complete the job if the paints are luxury emulsions as they are simpler and easier to apply and give a smoother and shinier look to the walls.

10. Surprising Factors

  • Time-saving – A simple paint job with luxury emulsions can finish in a day or two, while a cheaper paint may take up to a week.
  • Effects – You can add various effects on the walls by using stencilling, sponging, or rag-rolling. It adds oomph to an otherwise plain wall.
  • Sheen – Luxury emulsions reflect a great amount of sunlight, lending brightness to otherwise darker corners of the house and adding sheen to the brightly lit areas. It also helps you save on electricity bills as the requirement for artificial lights during the major part of the day becomes negligible.
  • Spotless – During the process, if you find any spills around, there isn’t any need to panic as these paints are easily gone with just a wet wipe, unlike the cheaper paints that leave a mark behind even after repeated cleaning efforts.


Let’s Paint The Town Red

Leave all your renovating, remodelling, or painting woes to Sydney Wide Painters and take a chill pill. With professional expert painters from Cremorne. quality with precision is guaranteed. If you decide for your property to get a new makeover, it’s a worthy investment you should look into right away!

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