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How to Use Instasize to Improve Your Visual Branding On Instagram

Use Instasize to take your visible branding on Instagram to the next degree!

Visual branding is definitely vital for any logo that wants to compete on Instagram. Instagram is a totally visible platform.  Click Here

Think approximately your personal Instagram information feed, that’s absolutely filled with visuals — no textual content-simplest posts like you may see on Twitter or Facebook.

Visuals are the only cognizance in this social media platform and that’s why your visuals need to be pinnacle-notch.

What is visual branding? The term visual branding refers to the design components that talk your company’s ideas and personality. There are 5 primary elements that go into visual branding:

  • Brand mark. This is your logo, such as the classic yellow arches that symbolize McDonald’s. You can create it in mins with the assist of a emblem maker.
  • Color. Color is greater important than you may think — the colors you operate on your advertising and marketing and advertising efforts inform lots about your logo. You couldn’t believe Coca-Cola being any coloration except red, proper? Similarly, your own logo hues play a massive function in visual branding.
  • Typeface. The font and font size you operate have to as it should constitute your brand. There’s a massive difference among playful Comic Sans and businesslike Arial.
  • Imagery. The photos you percentage need to be cohesive and make sense facet-by way of-facet. For instance, Food And Wine’s Instagram account is complete of pinnacle-down meals snap shots in warm coloration tones.
  • Graphics. Your photos ought to reflect the colors, typeface, and imagery fashion you’ve chosen for your brand.

Visual branding on Instagram is an important step for any commercial enterprise. But in your very own, it’d seem daunting.

There are numerous equipment to be had that may assist streamline your visual branding efforts — and Instasize.

What Is Instasize?

Instasize is an app to be had for iOS and Android that will let you reach your visible branding desires. Self-defined as “the toolkit for social media creatives,” Instasize presently has over 500,000 customers.


Instasize gives a 3-day loose trial and a paid model of the app. When using Instasize free of charge, you’ll have access to authentic filters, shade editing tools, and video enhancing competencies.

Premium customers pay $4.99 in line with month to access extra filters, unique borders, and superior beauty tools.

Premium bills also get hold of get right of entry to to beneficial tutorials from social media professionals.

“I have used numerous apps for modifying and or making collages or enhancing movies however this is the high-quality one so far,” reads one consumer evaluate. “I love how the app has such a lot of options but so prepared and easy to navigate through.”

Another reviewer introduced, “I agree with what keeps me coming back to this app is the simplicity and consumer friendliness…  Read More

I use Adobe on computer and discover myself sending pix to my cellphone to resize on this app because it’s simply so honest and smooth!”

Here’s how to use Instasize to reach your visible branding dreams

How to Use Instasize

Register for Instasize via looking for the app for your mobile App Store, or with the aid of journeying their internet site. Install the app in your mobile tool.

As you intend your Instagram advertising and marketing, you possibly cognizance on numerous special strategies. Common Instagram advertising and marketing approaches include influencer marketing, creating shoppable posts with product tags, and walking giveaways or contests.

These are all powerful advertising and marketing strategies that need to be part of your universal Instagram plan.

But there’s one factor of Instagram advertising and marketing that brands from time to time forget about.

When you open the app for the primary time, you’ll be brought about to register with your Apple ID (for iOS users) and start your three-day loose trial. Then you could begin exploring the capabilities Instasize gives.



Instasize has several filters you can add to your photos. Using the same filter on every photograph will make your Instagram feed look cohesive.

A few of the app’s pinnacle appearing filters consist of the Havana collection (exquisite for adding more comparison to out of doors pics); the Rooted collection (which makes the colors of your photo pop); and the Amber collection (a outstanding manner to make your pics feel comfortable and heat).

Keep in mind that certain filters are only to be had for paid users.


Editing Options

Outside of the precise filters, Instasize additionally offers numerous modifying tools that you can use both alone or in tandem together with your favorite clear out. These tools allow you to modify such things as:

  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Sharpness
  • Brightness



Instasize gives you the choice to feature textual content to your pix. The app consists of dozens of fonts that you can choose from to find the satisfactory typeface that fits your branding.

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