How to Draw a Stocking

How to Draw a Stocking. Offering and receiving gifts has been a large part of Christmas for many years. Each year, children around the world hang festive socks that will be filled with small minor gifts to open on Christmas morning. These socks usually have a festive stocking drawing that helps bring the joy of Christmas to the living room.

Learning to draw a Stocking is a great way to get into this Christmas spirit. Sometimes it may be more delicate than expected, but that’s what this tutorial you have before! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a Stocking

Step 1:

The first step of this guide on how to draw a Stocking will see that you start from above. For this drawing, we use curved lines for the top and sides of the midfielder. So, for the base of this section, we use straight and shredded lines to create a punctual pattern for the base.

Christmas socks will usually be hung on a wall or coat so that they usually have a small tie of fabric to hang them. We will also add it to this step, and you can draw it with some simple curved lines at the Stocking. Finish this step by designing a thin shape for opening the storage, so we can go to step 2.

Step 2:

Now that you have the upper section of this lower drawing, we can start drawing the main section of the part. It must be very easy at this stage! All you need to do is draw a line coming down. This line bows strongly out, as shown in our reference image. Then we will draw another line from the back of the Stocking. It will fall directly, and this line will not have a curve like the first. Then you will be ready to continue part 3!

Step 3:

Continuing this guide on drawing storage, we will add another section now. First, draw a curved line from the lower back to the ankle section. It will extend to a flatter and slightly wavy line to the Stocking. Then draw a suddenly rounded line from the front. It will be completed because a segment will be completed in front of the Stocking. We will finish this curve in the next step of the guide, So when you’re ready, we can continue!

Step 4:

This fourth stage of your stocking drawing will find that you will finish the sketch, which will prepare you to get certain details in the next game. As mentioned in the guide’s anterior part, a segment will be completed in front of the Stocking.

It’s a current Christmas sock drawing, so we chose this drawing! You can use rounded lines to draw it, and make sure you consult the reference image to make it look good. When the lower front is over, we can move to the final details of the next part.

Step 5:

How to Draw a Stocking

Before adding colors to your illustrations, we have some final details to add to this step of our guide on drawing storage. These will be focused mainly on certain decorative elements, and in our drawing, we draw scratches within the lower outline.

You can add other models, drawings, or elements, such as small bells, for your drawing! For additional pleasure at Christmas, you can even draw a Stocking, perhaps showing the room where this Stocking is hanging. How will you finish this storage with your details and ideas?

Step 6:

How to Draw a Stocking

You have reached the last step in this stocking drawing and can now have fun coloring your creation! You have many different options for the colors and art media you can use for this drawing so that you can have fun showing creativity. Our reference image chose a classic red Christmas color palette alternating with green for the lower stripes. These are just some colors you can use, so now is your chance to show which colors you think are perfect for this background!

You can also use creative art supports such as acrylic paints or colorful markers for additional dynamism. You can even incorporate certain handicrafts, such as pearls and glitter. These are just a few suggestions, but what colors will you use to finish this wonderful image?

Make your Stocking drawing even better!

Use these tips that we have to make your storage outline even better! This drawing is of a background alternating between red and green, and these are two classic Christmas colors. Although these colors look amazing, there are so many other colors you can go to! It can be other traditional Christmas colors, such as gold or silver, or you can select one of your favored colors! When you have Christmas socks, they usually have small extras and decorations. You can add a little to this background to make it more festive!


There are some examples of what you can do, and they can include small bells, Gui, or perhaps candy sticks. These are some ideas, but what else can you think of? If you have many ideas for storage conceptions, you can incorporate some of these conceptions by adding additional suspended minimums to follow! It would also work because there will usually be more than one pair of socks at Christmas. They could all be a similar drawings with small changes where everyone could be unique. How many socks would you like to suspend in this scene?

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of this stocking drawing, you can make it even bigger with a background! A classic scene would be to show the suspended background above the fireplace. It can work if you also add additional lows. These socks can be used anywhere, So if you have other places you want to display them, you can use them as a background! You can also use less obvious professions and supplies when you bring colors and details for this storage outline. Some common materials at Christmas can be used! It may include some pieces of packaging paper, garlands, or tape. Stickers and pearls would also help to give this work texture!

Your Stocking drawing is complete!

You finished the 6 steps of this guide on drawing a background and ended up with the incredible performance of this Christmas gift receptacle! We hope the steps in this guide have made it fun and easy for you to learn to draw this background! Now that you know the basics of drawing this storage, you can go even further by adding your background or additional details and may even project an exclusive bottom.

There is no limit to creativity. You can have fun, so be sure to have fun finishing this drawing! There is even more pleasure on our website, where you can find many more amazing drawing guides to enjoy. These guides cover a wide variety of subjects, with more on their way all the time, so continue to check!

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