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How to Draw A Moose Easily

How to Draw A Moose. Moose are one of nature’s most distinctive and impressive animals. These hulking giants may not win beauty pageants, but they still impress with their size and impressive horns.

Because they have such a unique look, they have won many fans around the world. This uniqueness can also make learning to draw moose frustrating.

With the right guide on how to work, it doesn’t have to be a challenge at all, and you’re watching this guide right now!

How to Draw A Moose

Step 1

For this first step of our tutorial on how to draw a moose, we’ll start with the face and the tips of the antlers.

To draw these elements, you can use a series of curved and rounded lines to draw the horns. As you can see in the reference image, we’re just going to draw the tips of these horns for now.

Once you’ve drawn the tips of those antlers, you can draw the moose’s face and ears. That’s all for this step; you still need to prepare for step 2!

Step 2

In this part of your moose drawing, you can finish drawing your moose’s antlers and start with the back.

To finish off the horns, draw some more curved lines for the top while the bottom is long and smooth.

Then when you are done with the horns, you can draw the back with slightly curved lines.

Step 3

For this part of our how to draw a moose guide, we’re going to finish the face and then add the chest and first leg.

First, you can use jagged lines to create a kind of beard for the moose. Then you can use a small round shape for the eye close to the ear.

Finally, you’ll create a jagged, furry chest for the moose and then draw the first leg as it appears in the reference image.

Step 4

So far, you have drawn one leg for the moose design, and in this step, you will add two more along with the belly.

These legs look similar to the ones you’ve already drawn, so that you can use a beard-like jagged line for the stomach.

Once these aspects are in place, you must add a few details before the final step!

Step 5

It’s almost time to color your picture, but in this fifth step of our how-to draw a moose guide, we have to add some final details.

Draw A Moose

First, you can add the last leg on the moose’s back. So you can make your moose hairier and hairier by adding lots of small straight lines all over the body to get that effect.

Once you’ve drawn those details, you’re technically done with all the details in this guide! Before moving on to the last step, you can add some final and personal touches.

You could add other creatures around the moose to give you an idea, or you could change the animal’s location for some variety.

It can also add a lot to an image if you create a cool background! Search for some Alaskan wilderness images for inspiration for the area surrounding this image.

Step 6

This brings you to the final step of this guide on how to draw a moose! This is fun; you can add some nice colors to complete your drawing.

Moose Drawing

In our sample image, we used some shades of brown for coloring, and even if you keep the colors more realistic, you can still find ways to bring a wider range of colors to the image.

Some ways you could do this would be to add some colors to the background or whatever you added to it.

Once you know all the colors you want, you can also experiment with the artistic tools and mediums you use for coloring.

Watercolors can be great for outdoor images, as they add a softer look.

Your Moose Drawing is Finished!

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