Guidelines for cleaning dirt bike air filter

There is no doubt that it is important to keep your bike in proper condition in case you happen to be a dirt biker. Cleaning the air filter of the bike will be one effective way to get the job done. In this article, we will mention some essential tips on how to clean a dirt bike air filter. This article should be useful to you irrespective of whether you are a newbie or an experienced biker.

  1. Get rid of the air filter

Your first step while cleaning the air filter will be to get rid of it. The majority of the filters are positioned within the air box typically beneath the seat. Make it a point to cover the carburetor with a clean piece of rag so that it is not possible for debris and dirt to get inside the engine. It is a fact that air filter oil happens to be sticky and it can get virtually everywhere. Therefore, make it a point to position yourself in a properly ventilated area and you should also put on gloves.

  1. Apply water and dish soap

After getting rid of the air filter, it has to be soaked in a bucket or sink full of warm water and dish soap. Next, make the air filter agitated by using your hands so that it is possible to get rid of any debris and dirt. While performing this step, it will be a sensible idea to make use of a soft bristle brush which will assist in loosening any dirt that is difficult to remove. White spirit or mineral turpentine can likewise be used for getting the job done.

  1. Rinse the filter

Once the filter is soaked, your subsequent step will be to use clean water for rinsing it off. Make sure to get rid of all the oil and soap from the filter. This is because your engine might become damaged if any oil or soap is left on the filter. Do not stretch the air filter too hard or even squeeze it while it is moist since the filter can get damaged in the long run.

  1. Allow the filter to become dry

After rinsing the filter, allow it to become dry completely. You need to be patient since this step might consume several hours. The process can be accelerated by making use of a hairdryer. Don’t forget to reinstall the filter on the dirt bike after it becomes dry.

  1. Apply oil to the air filter

You need to apply oil to the air filter after the filter becomes dry. This will assist you in trapping any dirt and filth. Always put on gloves while applying the oil.

  1. Install the filter

After the filter has become covered with oil, it has to be reinstalled on the dirt bike. Take care to install the filter correctly so that there is no leakage. Verify whether there is any air leakage by starting the bike.


There is hardly any doubt that just like any other dirt bike accessories the air filter is also essential for the proper functioning of the bike. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that the air filter is cleaned regularly by following the tips mentioned above.

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