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We’re sure you’ve heard about Eclipse Holsters thanks largely to our Kydex gun holsters. We’ve received lots of comments about our products and are happy to report that our customers enjoy what they receive from us. We’re extremely grateful for a welcoming and friendly custom leather holsters community to draw from and every day is enjoyable and exciting because of the people who support us.

In today’s blog post, we’d like emphasize that we’re willing to provide customized holsters. If you have a specific idea you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to contact us to discuss what we can do to help. Read on to find out more!


If you follow us on Instagram it is likely that you’ve seen occasional posts that feature customized logos to our gun holsters. No matter the cause, no matter the occasion, we enjoy hearing from our customers searching for ways to personalize their gun holsters further.

The Custom image Holsters let you accomplish exactly that. Do you have a logo or photo you’d like to put on one of our Kydex gun holsters? We’re happy to accommodate! All you need to do is upload the image and let us know the way you’d prefer it to appear in your holster. The only requirement is that you should select the color of your holster. Unfortunately carbon fiber colors as well as the patterns do not mix very well with images that you’ve created.


We at Eclipse Holsters, we’re proud to provide a variety of various options to meet the needs of all kinds of people as possible. The choice to carry a firearm with your person is a major one, which is why it’s so crucial to ensure that your firearm is as safe as it can be and that you are at ease with it. In the end, not being at ease with your firearm isn’t something that anyone would like to go through.

The main thing of all this is to be as secure as is possible. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have some enjoyment with it! If you’re looking for an concealed IWB Holster, as well as an OWB paddle custom shoulder holsters, there are many options to choose from and each serves with a distinct function. The best part is that no matter what kind of holster you prefer we’d love to design the image you want on it to create your own.


Have a question for us? We’d be happy to hear from! Contact us today! get in touch with us online or contact us via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook If you prefer. We’ll be more than happy to talk with you to ensure that you receive exactly what you require for a gun holster that is custom-made to your specifications.

If you’re not looking to purchase something customized, then look at the other Kydex gun holsters that we have in stock. You’re bound to find one that is perfect for you among our sale items Mag pouches, holsters, EDC belts, and other items. Until next time, friends.

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