Why Females Face a Problem After Marriage

There is no doubt that the male-female ratio is very different and one may wonder why the females face a problem after marriage. The reason behind this is that females are known to mature early in life. This leads to a number of emotional problems that women may have to deal with. These include flashbacks to past experiences, bitter in-laws, and a feeling of loneliness.

Small Age Girls Marriage Problems

A large proportion of young girls do not understand their reproductive rights and sexual health. Because of this, many of them end up marrying older boys. They lack the ability to speak up about contraception or family planning and are therefore at a higher risk of abuse and exploitation within marriages.

Why Female Mature Early than Male

There are several reasons why females mature early than males. Some factors are gender specific, while others are more general. Among them are upbringing and cultural influences, as well as learning experiences. One study explains that women mature earlier than men, primarily because their brains make connections and prune themselves more quickly.

Another factor is the environment. Women have different responsibilities, such as caring for children. They have to prepare their bodies for childbirth. Once men begin to mature physically, they will eventually catch up to women. Nonetheless, there is a biological reason for this difference. Men can’t do that until they’ve reached puberty, which takes about a year more than women.

Age difference is another factor that affects a marriage. Research shows that a five to six-year age gap in a marriage increases the chances of successful intimacy. Traditionally, men and women have been expected to be the same age, but this doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. For example, a five-year age difference may be okay if both partners are relatively young. But if the gap is too large, a marriage may suffer.

Which things female should prevent

When you get married, you and your husband will face many challenges. The first year of your marriage will be especially difficult for both of you. The new spouse will have to adjust to a new home and have to leave behind her old life. She will also have to learn to handle her emotions as a new wife.

The Ego of your husband and in-laws will become a big issue. You will be expected to stay quiet and serve your husband, and to put up with his harsh comments when he makes a mistake. Your in-laws will also start getting into your affairs and pressuring you to do things the way they want.

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