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Fall Windsock Crafts For Kids

Fall windsock crafts for kids

Fall windsock crafts for kids in just seven steps. Celebrate the beautiful colors of the fall season with this easy fall windsock. Toddlers and preschoolers will love seeing the season’s red, yellow and orange colors blowing in the wind after they make their crafts. Once kids have used their creativity to paint tree branches all over the windsock, they’ll love decorating it with sticker leaves. Not only do kids love using stickers for crafts, but removing the backing is excellent for strengthening their fine motor hand muscles. Please read below for our simple how-to instructions on making this easy fall DIY, and check out our full video tutorial at the bottom of this post. creative drawings

How to make a fall windsock craft

This information contains affiliate relations to the effects reported. Please read our Disclosure Procedure for more points. Education for creating your slide windsock:

Step 1:

Pour brown paint onto a small paper plate. Use a paintbrush to paint tree branches onto your light blue card stock. Start by painting two units centered on your card stock. Then paint the branches and twigs that come out of each of the components of the tree. Let the brown paint dry completely. Easy Crafts for Stencil Hedgehog

Step 2:

When the tree branches have finished drying, assemble the felt fall leaves. Peel off the back of a sticker and place it on the components of your tree.

Step 3:

Add sticker leaves around each tree branch onto your light blue card stock.

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Step 4:

Cut six pieces of crepe paper approximately 24 inches long. We use two parts red, yellow, and orange.

Step 5:

Flip your autumn tree illustration. Use a glue stick to add glue to the bottom of the paper, and place the six pieces of crepe paper at the bottom of your card stock. Related: Paper Scarecrow Crafts

Step 6:

Fold your autumn tree illustration, forming a circle and connecting the ends. Put two pins at the lid and base of the windsock to bind the lots jointly.

Step 7:

Cut a 1-inch by 11-inch piece of red construction paper. Place the strip inside the top of the windsock and secure it with a staple. Then staple the opposite end of the red ribbon to the opposing back of the windsock. Hang your windsock outside and watch it dance in the autumn wind. Or display the windsock indoors for festive fall decor.

How to Complete This Fall Preschool Craft

Observe the tape down for a step-by-step handbook on creating this bright windsock. See other comfortable drop arts for youngsters by scanning the classes in the entire menu streak of our website. E and examining her great drop crafts and skills statements? You’ll love our help of over 125 fantastic fall craftworks for children. Find pumpkins, slide trees, woods creatures, Halloween and Thanksgiving craftworks, and better Stores required for windsock crafting: pale down card products, red card brown paint, small paper platebrushbubbles sheet stickers (we found ours at Hobby Lobby. Here are some matching ones on Amazon). Or crepe piece (We utilized red, orange, and fair) Bond post


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