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Explain more about the Dillon Gabriel

Dillon Gabriel, an American football player, was born in Mililani, Hawaii, on December 28, 2000. He is 21 years old. Gabriel grew up playing basketball and baseball all the time. Despite this, Dillon gabriel continued to focus on football and baseball while a student at Mililani High School. Later, he gave up baseball to keep his arm in football shape.

Dillon gabriel

Baseball and basketball were Dillon Gabriel’s two sports of choice when he was little. He focused on baseball and football, though, while he was a student at Mililani High School. Dillon gave up baseball to keep his arm in football shape.


Dillon Gabriel’s school life 


  • He is a three-star recruit and Mililani High School’s No. 15 overall talent.
  • According to 247Sports, he is the No. 15 dual-threat quarterback, No. 20 pro-style quarterback, and No. 21 overall quarterback.
  • According to ESPN, Dillon gabriel is ranked No. 1 as a pocket passer.
  • According to Rivals, he is ranked No. 7 in Hawaii.
  • According to ESPN and 247Sports, he is ranked No. 8 and No. 9.


Who is the parent of Dillon Gabriel? 


In 2000, Dillon Gabriel was born to Garrett and Dori Gabriel. He inherited his father’s athletic prowess and excelled in both basketball and football during his prime. Dillon’s parents were steadfast in their support and encouragement, never letting him loses sight of his objectives.


At the age of eight, he developed a passion for organized football. If his father wasn’t willing to coach him, his mother wouldn’t let him play. The ex-athlete started tutoring his son when he was a little child to keep him safe and convince his wife.


What was the start of Dillon Gabriel’s football career?


For UCF, Dillon gabriel started 25 of 26 games, completing 60.7% (554 of 913) of his throws for 8,037 yards, 70 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions, while also running for 372 yards and eight touchdowns and receiving one touchdown pass. Gabriel threw at least one touchdown throw in each of his 26 games, including two in 20 and four in seven.


UCF’s career records for yards per throw attempt (8.8) and interception/pass try ratio (.015) led UCF offenses that finished second nationally in 2020, (540.5), (568.1). In 2019, UCF’s offense ranked second in the country (568.1 yards per game) (568.1). And UCF’s 13 games of at least 300 yards were second in school history, averaging 14.5 yards per completion.


Family and siblings of Dillon Gabriel


Dallion is the name of Dori and Garrett’s other child. His father, mother, and brothers make up their beloved five-person family together. The athlete’s older brother Garrison Gabriel’s Pop Warner football performance inspired him to pursue sports, and the athlete imitated Garrison by practicing wearing a helmet and asking his mother to buy him one.


Roman Gabriel, his younger brother, may soon develop a passion for athletics. He completely devoted to football Gabriel’s family must have been evident by the fact that Garrett was the first to follow his example, and his boys obediently followed him without gabriel pressuring them to pursue sports professions.


Roman and Dillon Gabriel are unrelated to each other


  • Roman Gabriel, a quarterback with the American football team, is currently 82 years old.
  • Although they share a sister with the same name, Gabriel is unrelated to him.
  • Instead of blood, Roman and Dillon are linked by the heart.
  • They collaborate at the same jobs, have the same last name, and are both American citizens.
  • The 21-year-old athlete regards the retired football player as a hero.




Dillon Gabriel, an American football player, was born in Mililani, Hawaii on December 28, 2000. He enjoyed baseball and basketball as a child

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