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Six Handmade Stocking Filler Gifts to Delight a Loved One This Christmas

They say that Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling. As soon as December hits, the streets sparkle, festive tunes take over the radio stations, and we get a little ball of excitement in the pit of our stomach.

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For many of us, giving and receiving gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas Day. To hand a loved one a present is to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them, and the same can be applied to accepting one.

Popping a small gift or trinket into a stocking filler is another way to tick this box. While what you choose to place inside isn’t typically regarded as a substantial gift, it’s still an opportunity to reaffirm your love and devotion to somebody, especially if that gift is handmade.

Are you a fan of crafting and wondering how you can get involved in something so magical? Here are some handmade stocking filler suggestions to help you delight a very lucky loved one!

#1 Lip balm

When the cold weather hits, our lips can suffer. Because of constant exposure to the cold air outside, as well as the dry, centrally heated air inside, our lips can become chapped, red, and sore. To prevent these effects from harming your loved one, why not pop a handmade lip balm into their stocking?

Because you’ll have taken the time and effort to create something from scratch – in addition to the fact that what you’ve created will keep them from harm – they should feel assured of your love and attentiveness. A homemade lip balm can be created using just four ingredients and three tools. Good luck!

#2 Scented soap

Soap is another simple yet effective stocking filler gift that can be made using hands, heart, and a little bit of patience! Soap is one of those gifts that can always be appreciated because it’s something that you’ll always need. Making it scented is a bonus.

Even avid crafters need to be aware of the potential hazards that can arise from handmaking soap, so it might be best to use blocks of raw soap bases that have already been through the necessary (dangerous!) processes. From there, you only need nine tools and ingredients to master the fun melting, scenting, and packaging part. 

#3 Wallet

There are hundreds of thousands of wallets for women you could purchase from a store or brand, but where’s the fun in that? Give a loved one something totally unique – something they’ll not be able to find elsewhere – by handmaking a wallet and popping it inside their stocking as the ultimate Christmas gift.

It’s not the easiest process, and it could be a case of ‘practice makes perfect’, but just remember that it really is the thought that counts. Grab these nineteen supplies, give the instructions a thorough read, and then set about making this one-of-a-kind wallet for your loved one. 

#4 Hand warmers

We all know how cold it can get during wintertime in the UK. Protect your giftee from the brutal temperatures by making them their very own hand warmers. With your lovingly made present, they’ll be kept safe and warm when out and about. Nothing says “I care about you” quite like hand warmers!

What’s even better is that you only need some fabric and rice to create this iconic, useful gift! In just five simple steps, they’ll be ready to add to a stocking. On Christmas Day, watch how your recipient’s face lights up after receiving such a thoughtful present. 

#5 Biscuits 

While you won’t be able to make this particular gift too far in advance of the day of giving, biscuits still make a delicious, kind gift to place inside a stocking. Because it’s Christmas, you could make them Christmas-themed by cutting them into the shape of a star or tree and try to use your giftee’s favourite flavours for decoration. 

If you’re unsure where to start, there are hundreds of recipes online that should inspire you. Flick through until you find one that you think your recipient will enjoy the most, and then get cracking! Baking, whether for yourself or others, is a form of mindfulness and can contribute massively to a relaxed mind and happy heart. Even better!

#6 Candle

Candles are the ultimate gift at Christmas time. Instead of popping into a shop and purchasing a ready-made one that thousands of other people have, why not make your own? It’s so simple to do and will likely mean so much more to them.

In just eight easy steps, using as little as just eight tools and supplies, you could have a gorgeous, rare candle that will remind them of you and your love, whenever they light it. As the dark, cold nights settle in further, this could be the adoring, cosy gift they need to get through winter.

Merry Crafting!

There you have it! Six crafting projects that will not only keep you busy and entertained for a couple of hours but will also deliver a beautiful, meaningful stocking filler gift for someone very important in your life. More than ever, we must remind the people closest to us that we love and appreciate them, and a homemade gift is a fantastic way to do that.

Don’t forget to share your creations on social media (once your giftee has received and opened it!) to inspire others to get crafty when it comes to presents. A little thought and creativity can go a long, long way. Merry Cr

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