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Do You Need To Tint Your Lash Lift at Salon

Are you thinking to bring more volume to your eyes but without adding extensions? If yes, then you have an ideal option of getting a lash lift in Hong Kong from an expert. A lash lift is a pain-free beauty treatment that allows you to lift your existing lashes to appear voluminous and beautiful to the eyes of onlookers.

The trend of getting a lash lift at a professional lash salon is getting popular day by day. More and more females are adopting this inexpensive beauty treatment to lift their existing lashes. And that too without finding the need to have expensive mascara and facial makeup.

In addition to the growing trend of having lash lift treatment in Hong Kong, females are further inclined towards having tint on their lashes. A tint is a cosmetic service in which the lash salon expert will add any preferred shade to your lashes and then lift the same. Therefore, both lash lift and treatment are two distinctive services that you can opt for as per the requirement.

Difference between lash lift & lash tint

A lash lift is one of the highly acquired beauty treatments available in Hong Kong for females who want to lift their existing lashes. With the help of a lifting solution and curls, a professional expert can lift your lashes to appear more bright and fuller in outlook.

On the other side, lash lint is a treatment that comprises dying your lifted lashes. In this, an expert will make you comfortably sit on the salon chair and applies a coloring solution on your lashes to make them appear brighter and more colorful.

Should you tint your lash lift?

Many females who are aware of both lash lift and tint treatments face the dilemma of selecting between the two. But in reality, both services appear you different appeals as per your need. And you have the flexibility to combine both treatments by first lifting your lashes and then tinting the same as per your preferred choice of shade.

But one thing you should know is that tint treatment cannot be done before lifting the lashes. It is due to the fact that both treatments require chemical solutions applied to your lashes. And if you try to tint first, then the dye will mix up with the lifting solution and causes further damage. Therefore, it is recommended to first lift and then tint your lashes accordingly.


 Liftin your lashes and after that tinting, the same will provide you with an attractive outlook. Get both beauty treatments to have brighter, fuller, and more appealing eyes to catch people’s attention at a first glance.

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