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Buy Gucci Rush 2 Perfume For Women at Charismas

Whether you’re a man who’s just discovering the joy of smelling great or a woman who’s always enjoyed a great scent, there’s something for everyone when you buy Gucci Rush 2 Perfume For Women. This fragrance is the perfect blend of sweet, floral notes and smooth woods that will leave you with a fresh, light, and clean scent. You can buy this great perfume for women online at Charismas, a website that has a variety of other top-of-the-line products for men and women.

Product details

Developed by perfumer Michel Almairac, Gucci Rush 2 Perfume was a definite crowd pleaser. It was a followup to the original which was released in 2000. Gucci Rush is an Oriental floral infused with a splash of woody accords. Boosted by coriander and vanilla, the scent energizes the senses. Its elongated name aptly reflects the company’s sexy side. The magenta bottle is shaped like a box.

Gucci Rush 2 isn’t for the faint of heart. Besides the usual suspects, there is also a sexy sexy scent in the pipeline. Gucci Rush 2 is a fresh floral scent, with the occasional woody or musk tinge. If you are the type of gal who doesn’t mind smelling like a bouquet of roses, Gucci Rush 2 is the fragrance for you.

Unlike other scents, Gucci Rush 2 is made in limited quantities. If you are on the hunt for an under-$100 cologne, be sure to give it a shot. The scent’s longevity depends on several factors, including skin type and frequency of exposure.

Release date

Whether you are a tween, teen, or older woman looking for a fragrance that will last, you may want to consider Gucci Rush 2 perfume. It is the sequel to Gucci Rush, and is a floral woody musk fragrance.

The perfume has notes of freesia, gardenia, narcissus, lily of the valley, and peach. There are also notes of musk, vanilla, and patchouli. This makes the fragrance a bit more complex than the original.

Gucci Rush 2 is most suitable for daytime wear. It has a nice, clean scent that is not too sweet. The perfume has a longevity of 1-3 hours, depending on the season. However, the longevity may be affected by the weather, humidity, and skin chemistry.

Gucci Rush 2 is a floral woody musk perfume of Perfume Elegance that was launched in 2001. It was created by Michel Almairac of the Robertet company.

The fragrance comes in an Eau de Toilette concentration. The bottle is a lovely metallic bronze golden bottle with a pink label. The fragrance is available in both men and women’s scents.


Luckily, if you want a taste of the Gucci Rush 2 experience you don’t have to venture far from home to get it. This fragrance product line is available in multiple currencies. And that’s not all, we’ve got a discount on all orders. So you can shop for your favorite Gucci fragrance at a price you can afford. And don’t forget to grab the Gucci Rush 2 for women eau de toilette spray while you’re at it.

In the spirit of the Gucci Rush 2 for women eau, we are happy to ship your order to your doorstep, hassle free. And if you’re in the Bahamas, the cost of shipping isn’t much more. So, you can have Gucci Rush 2 for women eau de parfum spray shipped to your door for less than the cost of a taxi. Plus, you get to choose your own delivery day and time.

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