Toji is a muscular, tall man who has mid-length curly black locks that extends up to his ears. The eyes of Toji are green similar to his son’s, and he sports small black eyebrows as well as a mark at the right corner of his lip.

For casual outfits,Toji Fushiguro wears a simple outfit that consists of a long-sleeved top and pants that are paired with sandals. When combating, Toji wears a tight-fitting short-sleeved sleeved top with baggy tan training pants that have a black belt woven around the waist and black slippers for martial arts. Although he was still a part belonging Zenin, Zenin group, Toji wore a dark color over the top of a black


Toji is a calm and confident guy who makes an income from his talents and doesn’t sweat the little things. Toji seems to be a fan of engaging conversations with people in the sense that it is related to him [22 and has the ability to trade hilarious banter with the humorous Satoru Gojo. After the meeting, Satoru asked Toji if they had ever met. Toji however, in contrast assured Toji that he was not the kind of person who could recall any random person. [3] When fighting, Toji has a crazed look as if you’re lost in the excitement of fighting, but the guy is always keeping his cool and shrewd head, and planning the next move.

Toji is an assassin that’s earned the nickname “Sorcerer Killer” and spends his time playing games between assignments with clients who are shady. He got married to one woman, and was able to leave her quickly[5and left his infant child unattended, not having any idea of the gender they were born with and later did not remember their name. 7. Toji even planned to sell Megumi for those from the Zenin family he left behind and exploit the infant Megumi for the cursed method that he would later inherit. [5][8]

Toji does not question his client’s motives, as long as the price is appropriate, and does not generally perform any additional work for no cost. He’s brave and extremely calculated in his tactics, using his knowledge of jujutsu to beat even the most renowned magicians. His reputation was was large enough to draw interest from the rich Time Vessel Association for such an important role that could guarantee their future. Although he was of the opinion that the members of the religious group were insane he was friendly enough with their middleman to invite him to dinner. [9]

Ability and the power of

General Skills Level While Toji can technically be described as a non-curse-user with no natural talent in the art of jujutsu. However, he was one of the top fighters in jujutsu while he lived. With an inherent physical strength above the rest of his competitors, Toji contended with the most deadly and well-ranked jujutsu masters that the time had to offer. He was defeated by special grade jujutsu practitioners at three different times including the young Satoru Gojo who was considered an extraordinary talent as well as one of the strongest sorcerers in the time. Another sorcerer considered to be the most powerful during the period was the curse manipulator who was easily defeated by Toji together with a number of his most powerful cursed spirits. Toji spoke of Suguru’s power as rabble-like compared to his own power. [19]

Enhanced senses: As a result of his Heavenly Restraint, Toji’s lack of cursed energy led to his five senses being enhanced to the point of. Toji was able to discern the curses and jujutsu using only his increased senses and formed a resistance against the latter. [27] This also permitted Toji to locate sorcerers, without residuals. He was able to track the footprints of humans and their smells. [39]

Incredible strength: Toji possesses a superhuman strength level, enough to easily pull Playful Cloud out of Maki’s hands another person who has impressive physical abilities. Utilizing Playful Cloud, a tool that relies heavily on strength and physical endurance, Toji was able to easily smash through Dagon’s strongest shinigami. 41] Using a different cursed tool Toji was able to break through Suguru’s most powerful curse[42and also made use of his hands alone to smash Takuma Ino’s face with such force that it nearly killed him. [43]

Incredible Reflexes and Speed:

Toji has been reported as having superhuman speed and speed, to the point that opponents cannot discern his movements. He was able to dodge Satoru’s cursed technique of Lapse: Blue, completely avoiding the field of attraction before Satoru even realized that it was there. 44. Megumi has also said that Toji was insanely quick, quicker than Sukuna with just two fingers. When they fought, Toji could avoid a sharp stabbing strike, despite having his foot in Megumi’s shadow due to his amazing agility and quickness. He also said that observing Toji as he moves was nearly impossible and was amazed his speed was comparable to Sukuna’s speed without being cursed with energy. [47]

Toji’s speed enabled him to easily defeat Suguru’s curses. He was able to avoid the Suguru’s Rainbow Dragon by moving on the top of a building, in spite of Suguru’s swift curse that was in the front of him. His quick reflexes were enough to fend off KuchisakeOnna’s scissor blades. They were already so close him that they had cut through his flesh at the time he first noticed the blades. The moment Suguru was within range, Toji cut him and the Imaginary Vengeful Curse down in one flash. [48]

In Dagon’s Domain Toji was so fast it was possible to run on water as if it were something, shocking the class. He only increased his speed when they battled which allowed him to speed through the endless flow of shikigamis easily. [49]

Fantastic Tactical Intellect:

In his duties, Toji approached his missions using careful calculation, prudence, and a lot of patience. Toji has kept a lot of knowledge from being an ancestor of the Zenin family, such as being aware of the functions that are involved in the Limitless in addition to the Six Eyes.


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