ABELMed EMR Software Features And Its Review 2023

ABELMed EMR Software is a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management (PM) solution for healthcare practices. This portable EHR/PM software aims to increase productivity, reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

ABELMed EMR allows users to record patient encounters in several ways, including voice dictation and handwriting recognition for notes taken on a tablet. It also has templates for standard encounters that can be combined into a single encounter or dragged in from a previous encounter, saving time.

Patient portal

The Patient Portal feature of ABELMed EMR Software provides patients with 24/7 access to their health records, personal profiles, and healthcare service data/history. This is a very useful tool that helps to improve patients’ satisfaction and loyalty to medical services.

The software also features an online patient manager that tracks arrival times, wait times and progression within the office. This helps you to keep track of all aspects of your practice, including appointment scheduling, lab results, and insurance claims.

ABELMed EMR Software is an excellent option for practices that want to streamline their workflows and get rid of unnecessary paperwork. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to learn and use the software, regardless of their skill level.

ABELMed EMR Software offers a range of practice management and electronic health record features that are designed to meet the needs of medical, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation clinics of all sizes. It includes an appointment scheduler, physician dashboard, patient manager and a cumulative patient profile (CPP).

Appointment scheduling

ABELMed EMR Software helps medical, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation clinics manage patient records, billing, and scheduling. It is an integrated EMR/PM system that streamlines back office tasks and increases productivity.

Its Health Report Manager feature enables users to digitally transmit clinical and diagnostic imaging reports directly into ABELMed for review and immediate signoff. This eliminates the need for manual processes such as filing, faxing, and emailing.

The system also features a referral management tool that creates referral letters from encounter notes and lab results, tracks when those letters were sent, and determines which patients still require follow-ups or referral responses. It can also generate lists of patients to be called in for routine or preventive care, including mammograms, pap smears, flu shots, and immunizations.

The appointment scheduler is user-friendly and has a great layout. It offers a convenient advance button to move the calendar forward by day, week, or month. It also allows you to view the complete patient record linked to the appointment if desired.

Electronic medical records

ABELMed EMR Software offers users a variety of features for appointment scheduling, patient management, medical recording, prescribing, billing, patient referral, and chronic disease monitoring. The software also includes a physician dashboard that provides an overview of appointments, forms pending completion, encounters, investigations and lab results, and tasks that are high on the priority list.

Using voice dictation and handwriting recognition, practitioners can record patient encounters on the go. These features can help practitioners save time and reduce the amount of typing involved in charting. athenaClinicals EMR is another best software you should check its features and review.

The system also allows practitioners to create referral letters from their existing encounter notes, CPP and lab results. This feature makes it easy to track referrals, which patients are sent, and which require follow-up or referral responses.

In addition to these features, ABELMed offers many standard reports for a wide range of situations. It also allows for the creation of custom reports with an infinite number of data combinations. The system can also be integrate with Dragon Medical for voice dictation.


ABELMed EMR Software offers users facilities for appointment scheduling, patient management, medical recording, prescribing, billing, patient referral, and chronic disease monitoring. It also tracks arrival times, wait times, and patient progression within the office.

The prescriptions module in ABELMed detects interactions between medications before finalizing the prescription, and enables users to create lists of their most commonly prescribed medications to save time. It also allows users to print or fax prescriptions directly from patients’ charts.

One healthcare professional who switched from a paper-based system to ABELMed saved his secretarial staff and weekly dicta-typist’s time in half, and freed up 800 square feet of office space by eliminating paper charts.

It also features a health report manager, which electronically transmits clinical and diagnostic imaging reports from hospitals and independent health facilities, which are then posted in patient records. Graphs provide easy-to-read data for patients, and allow for easier detection of trends.

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