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8 Best Security Tips To Protect Linux VPS Canada Hosting

With the progression of virtualization technology, a virtual private server has become the foremost web hosting solution choice of numerous website owners. It is the definitive as well as the cheapest alternative to the dedicated web server. 

With the cheap VPS Canada, you can acquire the high-level hosting advantages of dedicated web server hosting at the most affordable cost pricing.  

Further, in order to make the best utilization of your Linux virtual private server, you must assure the execution of the security measures to protect your web hosting server. 

Via this guide, you will get insights into the top security tips for protecting your Linux VPS in Canada. Let’s start with highlighting the functioning of the Linux virtual private server. 

About Linux VPS Canada 

Linux VPS hosting involves a virtual private server that runs a Linux operating system at its base. It provides a secure as well as isolated web hosting environment for hosting your website. 

Further, the Linux operating system comes with its own hosting features & benefits such as robust community support, a cPanel control panel, flexible options, high-level data protection, and custom attributes. 

On the other hand, no virtual private server gets the privilege to intervene in other VPSs’ functioning and operations. So, with Linux VPS Canada, you can surpass the limitations as well as constraints of the shared web server with utmost ease. 

Benefits of having Linux VPS in Canada

linux vps canada

This section incorporates the incredible advantages that you receive with Linux VPS Canada. Let’s get a rapid glance at them! 

  • You obtain access to dedicated web resources with your virtual private server for hosting your website flexibly. 
  • You get the privilege to smoothly scale your existing web resources without any hassle. 
  • With cheap VPS Hosting Canada, you get the right to customize your web hosting server exactly as you desire & require for your website. 
  • You can also attain the root access control of your web hosting server in order to configure, manage and administer by yourself. 
  • Your website receives the maximum uptime network, unique IP address, and better SEO ranking over search engines under Linux virtual private server hosting. 

8 Best Security Tips to protect Linux VPS Canada

Mentioned below are listed the excellent tips you can take into consideration for ensuring the complete safety of your Linux VPS Canada – 

Ensure to keep your software up to date

You must keep in mind that your software is up to date on your Linux virtual private server. You can employ available packages that let you download the latest version of the software as well as component updates. 

Further, you must take care of the review notifications & control panel in case your software & applications do not update automatically. 

Disable your Server Root Login

You must ensure not to sign in as a root customer. Further, disabling the logins lets you acquire an extra layer of security and prevent hackers from breaking down the hidden passwords.

Develop an SSH Key Pair

You must assure to generate an SSH (Secure Shell) key pair that helps you make it extremely difficult to hack through brute force. the SSH key pairs are more secure than passwords. 

Allow Two-Factor Password Authentication

In order to strengthen your Canadian VPS Hosting password, you must enable two-factor password authentication along with enforcing a minimum password execution policy. 

Modify the SSH Port

You must change your SSH port number in order to control malicious scripts on your VPS Server. This prevents the attackers from linking directly to the default port.

Disable Unused Network Ports

You must assure that your unused network ports are disabled. This is because the primary target of cybercriminals is open network ports.

Configure a Firewall

You should configure a firewall for your cheap VPS hosting in Canada. This enables you to filter out undue website traffic and fight against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. 

Install Anti-Malware as well as Anti-virus Applications

When you assure the installation of anti-malware as well as anti-virus applications, you get the opportunity to prevent access to any comprehended source of malicious traffic and execute the first line of security. 


Linux VPS hosting Canada serves as the ideal choice for hosting a growing website. It comes with easy customizability, high-level security, scalable web resources, and an independent hosting platform. 

Further, you must implement the security tips discussed in this guide to protect your Linux virtual private server and use it to its best capability. 

Moreover, you must reach out to a top-notch & dependable web host such as Serverwala data center to acquire the aptest plan for Linux virtual private server hosting. 

You may choose Serverwala VPS Hosting because it provides the leading hosting services & facilities at the most feasible cost pricing. You also obtain the option to pick between fully managed and unmanaged web hosting services with your cheap VPS Canada. 

Here are some of the excellent web hosting features you attain with the data center’s Linux virtual private server hosting plans- 

  • 99.90% Uptime network guarantee with service level agreement
  • 24/7/365 Technical assistance via proficient experts
  • Highest as well as fastest connectivity
  • Potent Solid-State Drives data storage
  • 7 Days credit back assurance 
  • Self Service portal
  • 1 TB data transfer allowance monthly
  • Progressive data security measures
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Softculous one-click installer
  • Surplus bandwidth 
  • Complete root access to your virtual private server

You can right away browse the official site of the Serverwala data center to get further insightful information about the best VPS hosting in Canada- https://www.serverwala.com/vps-canada.

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