7 Benefits of Joining Quibus for Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

Benefits of Joining Quibus For Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

In this article, we have shared 7 benefits of Joining Quibus Training digital marketing institute. Quibus offers 4 month digital marketing mastery course. If you want to learn a specific skill like SEO then you can also enroll in their SEO course in Jaipur.

1) Face-to-face classes

Face-to-face learning is a live interaction between a teacher and a group of students at a fixed place for a fixed time. It not only teaches academic syllabus but also teaches about disciplined body language, and disciplined ways of communication.

Face-to-face classes are less flexible than online classes, as there is a fixed place and time, and can’t be accessed on demand. Face-to-face learning makes students punctual and helps them to follow a fixed daily routine. You will have to be active in face-to-face learning, as the teacher can ask any topic summary or questions in classes anytime.

2) Live project experience- 

A Live project is an exposure to real-life situations. Live projects mean students get a chance to work with a company in real-time for a specific period with a continuation of studies. Here, live project experience means

  • you will have to work with your website,
  • by making a landing page for your website,
  • by publishing blogs on your website,
  • by ranking your website by optimizing,
  • run ads for your website on social media platforms,
  • by creating backlinks for your website,
  • search engine optimization for your websites,
  • social media marketing for your websites,
  • content creation for your website,
  • poster creation for your website,
  • content writing for your website,
  • blog writing for your website,
  • generating leads online for your website,
  • google analytics of your website,
  • Google tag manager. 

3) Hi-tech classroom

Classrooms are designed for giving specialized classes. Hi-tech classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies like wireless internet, audio-visual ads, and projection facilities. Quibus classroom is designed as a fully high-tech AC classroom. Quibus uses a smart digital board that simultaneously touches, writes, and erases points, enabling wireless screen sharing. Smart Digital Board makes it easy to work on live projects.

4) Experienced trainer

Quibus trainer, Mr. Paramveer Singh Sandhu Sir is an award-winning trainer. He is awarded as ‘Times Power Icon of Rajasthan 2022’ by ‘Times of India’ for his fantastic work in the digital marketing field. Mr Parmveer is an inspiration to millennials. He started his career over 12 years ago in the digital marketing industry. He changed his job title from freelancing to the founder of two companies. Mr Parmveer runs a digital marketing agency with a team of 28 talented individuals and is passionate about teaching digital marketing. He trained more than 3000+ students. His mastery of SEO and ads has helped many companies to dominate the market. His achievements are listed below

  • Proud YouTube Silver Button Achiever
  • 15.5k Instagram Family 
  • Involved in YouTube Community with 18 Lacs Subs
  • Generated More Than 1 Crore Revenue For Client In 1 Month
  • 3M+ Quora Answer Views
  • Founder Of Quibus Technosys (Digital Marketing Agency) as well as Quibus Trainings (Digital Marketing Institute) 
  • Own YouTube Production House
  • 500+ Keywords Ranked On First Page

5) 1-to-1 doubt session-

a 1-to-1 doubt session, there is a direct interaction between a teacher and a student. In a 1-to-1 session, a student directly asks a doubt to the teacher and the teacher answers his/her doubt and also does cross-questioning with the student. A student will get high and personal attention from the teacher, which helps students to get actively engaged with the teacher. In a 1-to-1 doubt session, students can ask questions without feeling shy or speaking out and answer the questions as well.

6) Internship and Job assistance

After the completion of the certificate, Quibus provides full-time internship opportunities for fresher and undergraduate students who want to build their careers in digital marketing. Job assistance means recommending students to companies hiring digital marketers on different profiles. Students can get placed in any digital marketing agency on different profiles. Job profiles are : 

  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO Specialists
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • PPC Executive
  • Content Marketer 
  • SEO Analysts
  • Google Ads Experts

Companies Hired from Quibus 

  • Quibus Technosys
  • Vedantu 
  • Ayurcure
  • Decathlon 
  • Thrilliophilia 
  • Server Wala 
  • Ban Banjara
  • Ubuy 
  • Voylla
  • Car Dekho
  • Dotsquares
  • Jaipur rugs 

7) Affordable fees 

Quibus Trainings offers very affordable fees. Digital Marketing fees in Jaipur vary from INR 35,000 to INR 70,000. Quibus Trainings charges only INR 40,000; which can be paid in two parts  (INR 24,000 + INR 16,000). You will get a discount of  INR 5,000; if you pay the full fee in one go. Sometimes you will get the best price of INR 28,000 or INR 29,500; if you join as an early bid, this offer is for a limited period.

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