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6 Tips on Buying Designer Sunglasses

When it comes to buying designer sunglasses, there is more to consider than just the style and design of the frames. It’s important to do your research and make sure you get a pair that looks good, fits well, and provides appropriate coverage for your face shape. 

Here are some tips on how to buy designer sunglasses that will make sure you get the best shades possible.


Do Your Research before Buying

Before you start shopping for designer sunglasses, it’s important to do your research so you know what kind of frames and lenses are available. 

Make sure you look into different brands, styles, colors of lenses, as well as any special features or technologies (polarized lens, etc.) that might be available in the glasses you’re considering. 

It’s also a good idea to read customer reviews and choose trustworthy brands like Carrera sunglasses so you know what other people think about the glasses before making a purchase.


Know Your Face Shape and Find Frames That Compliment It

The shape of your face will determine which type of sunglasses will look best on you. For example, round faces look better with square or rectangular frames while oval faces look better with rounded frames. 

You should also take into consideration the size of your face when choosing a frame; too small frames can make your face look too small while too big frames can make it look too large. 

If in doubt about which style would suit you best, try them on at home before purchasing so that you can see how they look on your face before committing to them.


Consider the Lens Color and Frame’s Style

The color of the lenses is important because it can affect how much light passes through them and therefore how well they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Darker lenses tend to block more light while lighter ones offer less protection so choose wisely depending on where you plan on wearing them most often (e.g., driving or skiing). 

As far as frame styles go, there are many different options out there ranging from classic aviators and cat-eye shapes to fashion-forward designs like shield-style and oversized frames. 

Just remember that whichever one you choose should still fit comfortably around your face without pinching or slipping off easily when turning your head from side-to-side.


Make Sure They Fit Well and Provide Good Coverage

A key factor when choosing sunglasses is making sure they fit properly and provide good coverage for both sides of the face including the bridge of the nose area. 

Also keep in mind that if they feel uncomfortable in any way (too tight/loose) then it’s likely not worth investing in those particular shades because they won’t be comfortable enough for long wear periods or outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, swimming etc. 

Make sure to double check measurements before buying any pair of sunglasses that they fit perfectly once received!


Shop Around For a Good Price

When it comes to buying designer sunglasses there are usually plenty of options available – which means plenty of prices! So don’t settle for just one shop – do some detective work by looking up other stores selling similar styles elsewhere on websites like Vision Direct

These sites often have discount offers going throughout the year which could save you money in comparison with buying directly from individual stores online. 

Additionally if possible try visiting physical stores near where you live as this allows for trying out different styles in person which can be helpful when narrowing down choices based off fit/style preferences!


Take Care of Your Sunglasses So They Last Longer

Taking care of something expensive like designer sunglasses requires a certain amount of effort but it will definitely help them last longer! 

Firstly store them away safely somewhere dry such as inside their case when not being used. Avoid leaving them lying around exposed areas like car dashboards which subject them to intense heat & UV rays. 

Always clean lenses with proper cleaning solutions specifically made for eyewear instead regular dishwashing detergents.


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