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5 Signs That Your Transfer Maid Is Not Meeting Your Expectations

Employing a domestic helper with the assistance of a transfer maid agency in Singapore is a regular phenomenon for residents out there. Most working-class individuals have both household area and professional duties to take care of. To create a seamless balance, several people rely on hiring a full-time maid in Singapore to do the household chores and take care of children with ease.

You can do strategic research to find a suitable maid and conduct several interviews with the selected candidate. Certainly, a reliable maid agency in Singapore will assist you in showcasing the profiles of several professional domestic helpers that are best for your household area. Despite all that procedural work and strategic ways to hire a maid, sometimes she fails to meet your expectations.

There could be times when you see cleaning not done properly at home, things cluttered in the household surroundings, food not cooked, children are still hungry, and so on. Such are the basic signs that the maid is not meeting your working expectations and fails to perform the asked duties.

Apart from the above, there are five signs that will confirm the maid is not working according to your requirements.

  • Not following your instructions: The first sign that makes you realize the maid is not working as per your instructions is failing to obey your orders. That means, the household tasks that you have given are not fulfilled and the maid is completely ignoring the same.
  • Showcasing work inefficiency: When your domestic helper takes more time to complete a particular task, then intentionally she is showing unexpected work inefficiency.
  • Fail to respect your property: There could be an instance of the maid not showcasing any respect towards your property in terms of not cleaning and maintaining stuff is another sign of failed expectations.
  • Home is uncomfortable for you: Sometimes domestic helper finds it too comfortable to lean on their couch, make snacks for themselves, and do things as if that is their own house. So, in that case, she is completely ignoring her responsibilities and disobeying you completely.
  • Interfering in your personal life: Another sign of failed expectations is when the maid interferes too much in your personal space despite knowing her limitations.


Hiring a maid in Singapore is relevant when the domestic helper knows her responsibilities and fulfills the same. Do take care of the signs when the maid fails to follow your instructions and commits unnecessary delay in task completion before taking any strict action against her.

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