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4 Key Factor To Select International Elementary School In Singapore

Getting your child to study at a leading international elementary preschool in Singapore has a big effect on your child. It is a stepping stone for kids to get accustomed to a friendly learning environment around them. However, the problem faced by most parents is deciding the best preschool for their kids. In a way, it is a dreaded task to compare an extensive list of schools in Singapore after several considerations.

As you already know, preschool is an early learning ecosystem for young kids. It allows the children to meet new kids and teachers on their own. A preschool allows the kids to have some more alone time without their parent’s company, understand the initial learning process, ways to make friends, and get attracted towards distinctive activities.

Here are a few relevant factors to consider while selecting the right preschool for your kid.

  1. Learning curriculum: A preschool must follow the American curriculum in Singapore that provides a wide range of playing and learning activities at the same time. It helps to enhance the young kid’s interaction, social, and activity levels. Further helpful in stimulating the minds of kids to interact well with fellow students and teachers. Such a curriculum is specifically designed for kids aged between 0 to 5 years and allows then to become aware of the initial learning phase that will carry on for the new few years.
  2. Secured environment: Early-age kids are stepping out of the caring and homely environment of the house for the first time. At such point, every single parent feels anxious to send their kids to school and often faces the tension of their well-being. Therefore, the preschool must be secure and protected for all learners. You must ask and know how secured the regions of the school are to the kids.
  3. Getting utmost attention: With no presence of the family around, kids of age between 0 to 5 years feel anxious when their demands are not met. Therefore, select a particular school where friendly teachers pay attention to kids and their requirements. Also, select a school where there is a maximum ratio of students and teachers to stay in relief. 
  4. Child-friendly infrastructure: Your kid will spend a considerable amount of daytime at the preschool for learning and playing purposes. So, it is important that a school must have proper kids-friendly infrastructure comprising of toys, activity areas, well-equipped classrooms, and other such areas. 


A preschool in Singapore helps nurture the minds of young learners to stay effective in the new learning ecosystem. Select a particular school after doing comprehensive research and keeping relevant factors in mind.

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